Ghost Face Killah Wu Block Chicago Tour


The Ghost Face Killah Wu Block Chicago Tour was a energetic show with lots of energy. We had some technicalities getting through the door but after that it was all uphill. We saw so many people on stage for Saigon we just decided to wait for Sheek Louch & Ghost Face Killah. The only thing about the energetic set was that they performed together with a very “I just woke up” rough looking Killah Priest.(Priest is one of our favorites so we where like damnnnnn)(In smokey voice) We hoped and expected to hear Ghost do all of his work solo as he has the biggest catalog, Priest being second when you do the mixtape math. It wasn’t a bad show but ended super early at 1pm to a few bewildered faces. If the Ghost Face Killah Wu Block Chicago Tour hits your metropolis go test it out and toughen actual hip hop tradition!

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