Hebru Brantley’s Downtown 88 Birthday Birthday celebration







Hebru Brantley’s Downtown 88 Birthday Party party has by far been one of the livest parties of the year WOW. Already a fan oh his work, style & creativity one of our fellow bboy associates posted on facebook he was going to be performing there so the show was then on our MUST SEE radar altering all weekend plans set. Thanks CJ AKA BBOY BLACK ATTACK for that post other wise we’d had no idea!

Friday was a long day very very long day, the decision to go out or stay in was a hefty one. We hadn’t received any re-tweets about Q-Tip hitting Chicago, hadn’t heard back via email in any way or form about a one of our rvps that hadn’t went through so we decided to just go pull a Nike and “Just Do It”. Are we glad we did? DAMN RIGHT! Though debatable between Wu Tang & ATCQ as our favorite hip hop group of all time it was a must to attend.

Scene One:
Upon arriving to the location at 2150 S. Canalport we were directed via sign to head around to the back of the building. Upon entering into a slightly graffiti covered entrance way we were greeted by a hungry security officer lol. He was devouring something delicious and it made us hungry too, though tempted to ask we didn’t want to come off as trouble for the evening. The much worried about RSVP had actually been received so plan B-D were not needed. As we slowly entered taking in the full scale of things we see food booths, arcade games, a very slick cake design with one of Hebru Brantley characters as the center piece. Next stop was the bar, ordered two “The Kool Keiths” and decided to walk around the venue first before pulling the cameras out. The layout took some true thought from the eyes of people who once did loft parties. This is GENIUS we could not even disagree with any of it, good work good work. What party has unique artwork, free drinks from four different bar set ups, free nibbles all night, free photo-booth that gives three images in print, and free video games?! This birthday party that’s who. After checking out a room worth of artwork we decided to hit upstairs. Given the intro story information we wondered if Q-Tip was even coming, regardless the party was magnificent already. A girl with a very serious face request that we do not go upstairs at the moment. We where caught up by her platform shoes with big red lips on them, matched her fit so on point (we see you). While discussing the meaning of the said request between us who do we see 4 ft from us, Q- Tip of ATCQ (!) with a black hoodie on playing it humble walking behind Hebru Brantley who made Q-Tip look tiny lol. After-which whatever was upstairs didn’t matter the Abstract Poetic is here!

We follow the shoes with lips on them back to the dj booth. Overly anxious to take flicks we tried to wait but up came the rudeness with photographers purposely just standing in front of us as if we carry these cameras just to look cute. Okay fine then, we plot our point of shooting and hold it down. Note: We go out of our way to not block or stand in peoples ways and document the best we can around said people, the same respect is always welcomed.

Being an artist has to be stressful at times, cameras in your face, annoying groupies, flashes firing when you’re mixing etc. Again being aware of all of this it made us feel bad to shoot before his set but we fired off a few and paused. Front row became thick sweat rolling into our eye balls, we decided to fall back and recoup after some fresh air. As we saw associates & friends all we could say is Q-TIp IS SPINNING RIGHT NOW! Tonight we saw or bumped into Hebru Brantley, Pugs Atomz, Demonology, Jae Had, Brandon of Ends Wealth Corp., CJ/Black Attack Of Crooks Crew, Saul of the Brickheadz, Astro Wifey, Nymphonails, Young Live, Earn Money, Switch Nightlife, Fakeshoredrive, Flow of My Morning After, Allison Glen, Amber Mohammad, Shampudu Photography, George Keaton, and so many others the amount of new peeps we met also amazing.

Scene Two:
After getting read adjusted (not a great photo night) we look to the right and at least 20 peeps come through the side door unchecked like wth we got here early for RSVP and you guys got the easy bypass, carry on lol. Attempt number two to go see whats upstairs, equals a fail yet again (who made it up there?). We go to the bar again to have some late 40 year olds cutting in line like its the thing to do or as if it is normal? About that life eh? We guesssss so. Drinks in hand (The Stakes Are High) we go back to Q-TIP spinning. The speakers of the event didn’t carry far so after mid floor to the door the essence of the sound was lost so you had to go up close and get it in to enjoy Q-TIP. While rocking out in front we encounter our evening hater, you know that ONE person who no matter how nice you are has to just act up? Her words were “If you just going to stand there then you fakin it”, Us excuse me? Oh Our bad you didnt see us dancing and sweating with three DSLR’S between us huh?! Let us move out of your way so you can dance. We gave her room to dance but she remained belligerent/bitchy.  Annoyed at her negativity we exit asking DJ Oreo how much longer TIP’s set would go on he said 10 mins which after asking extended for 45 mins ending with “B**ch don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrik Lamar. How ironic right? Q-Tip spun a set that kept everyone sweating on the dance floor, Sheila E’s Glamorous Life was the fav. out of his set, he surprisingly didn’t play many tribe tracks. The show stopper of the night was the  older gentleman front row in the tan blazer he was the dance machine of the night!

Back to the bar were we met some peeps from some of our recent galleries all so chill many creatives, witnessed a whole bottle of Sky Vodka  get snagged front & center (slick) & then hit the photobooth for photos. Again what a NIGHT. It was rumored Q-TIP went upstairs with “girls with short dresses” from one random patron grubbing on the cake but we cant confirm such details.  We wanted our “Find A Way” record autographed if possible which was the biggest let down of the evening. Hebru Brantley snapped with one hell of a party even the cake was on point though sweets were not on the menu for one of us. We forgot to mention the people on stilts, fireworks out of vaginas, the hoola hoop girls who were way beyond GREAT and the amazing service of the bartenders.

Queen Pen mentioned “A birthday party ain’t a celebration ‘until it can be ran throughout”
Smartly lets simply say Chicago Hustles Journal, ran, walked, sat, absorbed and digested this celebration which the shit + the bathroom tissue…benefit from the gallery & video RT, REPOST, & SHARE.

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