Hey, We’re The Lemons


Not too fast, still kinda rockin. The Lemons are the poppiest, boppiest new band to hit Chicago. Their all-hooks songwriting approach is designed to leave you wanting more, more, more!

Formed in a garden apartment in Logan Square and featuring members of Today’s Hits, Slushy, SkyMaul and Hollow Mountain, The Lemons played their first show in April, 2013, and quickly began building a following in Chicago’s underground rock’n’roll scene.

The Lemons’s debut album, “Hello, We’re The Lemons,” out now on Tripp Tapes, delivers 14 songs about animals, friends and foods in 16 minutes. You will love it.

The Lemons are:

Juicy James – drums & vocals
Kimmy Slice – bass & vocals
John Lemon – guitar & vocals
Chris Twist – guitar & vocals
Kelly Lamone – tambourine & vocals
Billy Sour – organ


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