Hennessy X Futura 2000

Hennessy X Futura 2000 was in some ways priceless and in some ways a bust. No disrespect to Futura 2000 whom happens to be a legend to us as well as so many others but it was more so of the event itself. All too often the corporate world wants to use an urban artist name to push or throw so so suspect events. We had not  heard of the Violet Hour until a day before the event and once we stood outside with so many other creatives (for 30 mins) we where hoping for more…(the speak easy, we didn’t get your rsvp though we showed emails is a bit lame on Hennessy’s & the Violet Hours part).  Upon walking in to a packed room of shit faced patrons we didn’t see much urban elements at all as expected. A few canvases here and there with more people at the bar for the freebies. As a former graff artist it was a let down to see so many people there in the midst of an icon without any respect for who he was. That’s the corporate world he also chose to embrace with this collabo however. We aren’t mad at Futura 2000 BUT the adventure was once suspect throughout…

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