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The Hiatus Kaiyote In Chicago show  with Sidewalk Chalk at the Double Door was nothing short of an event to behold. Unsure of our attendance ability we darted out the door mid dinner plans to go catch a glimpse of the show that was said not to miss. We missed the fact the show was an early one beginning at 7:30 pm but looked online @gigitytv were it was streaming live to see who was performing and the stage was empty at the time (YES!) so we hopped on the cta to make it happen. We get to double door no lines as expected (it was effin freezing!) and right in the middle of Sidewalk Chalks set but they brought the heat. We heard through the grapevine that neither of these groups sets were to be missed so we wanted to witness sidewalks whole set in full. It was great to see a live band consisting of  an emcee, female singer, trio of keys, bass, horn section of trumpet and trombone, tap-dancer and drums perform together in sync with each other to deliver a stunning soulful set to a sold out show. The whole band was sharp in every aspect the tap dancer, priceless.

FEX had to say this about Hiatus Kaiyote:

“It took some doing to get Hiatus Kaiyote to join us in Chicago. They were already going to be in the U.S. for their showcase at South By Southwest, and they announced some open availability. Of course all the weekend dates were immediately snapped up, leaving only a Tuesday for us to work with.I for one was quite apprehensive about it… but we all felt like “Chicago should really have a chance to see this group before they blow up”.

As we tried to make room to get a good location to document you could feel the energy in the room rise as lead singer Nai Palm takes the stage and starts tuning her guitar. The sound they deliver is very unique and we were not a bit disappointed in the delivery during the segment of the show we managed to witness & capture. We packed up after the video below and just admired the soulfulness from the back where it was easier to breathe. A great show if you manage to capture them in your city we advise jumping on the opportunity to see them LIVE.

We would like to thank FEx Live! and Cuerators.com for the hospitality & love.

As one famous soul-stress is quoted saying:

“That’s it I’m done. In love” – Erykah Badu

You can definitely check out some of their music below and become a fan.

Tawk Tomahawk by Hiatus Kaiyote


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