Hinge’s Chicago Private Launch Party


Hinge’s Chicago Private Launch Party was an interesting night of mingling network and socializing at Chicagos very own Studio Paris Night Club. The entry was weird because the door attendees did not know what was going on as usual it seems. The event required for you to have the app installed to enter which caused its own array of problems for many a patron entering so we over heard throughout the night. It was our first time at Studio Paris so upon entering to see two different type of photo booths, a wall covered in photos and a spacious venue we were very pleased by the venue itself. Upon entering we were greeted by the ladies in charge of the evening and told to take photos at the photo booths and enjoy ourselves. Indeed we shall we thought. The bartenders at the bar where very nice and attentive as the largely diverse crowded started to pour in quickly.


The photo-booth shot by an amazingly nice photographer was between the coat check and the bathroom making for a semi traffic jam throughout the evening but didn’t stop us as we know how it can be as photographers ourselves. We peeked into the main room where DJ Toure was warming up the dance floor with 80’s visuals being displayed behind the DJ booth on screen with music ranging from trill/trap to top 40.


The crowd was shy but as the venue filled up there was no choice but to navigate towards the dance floor waiting to be tamed with live energy. Upon waiting for one of our great friends and her date we decided to lounge in a corner and just people watch for about 45 minutes. The wine was surely flowing as everyone from librarians to lawyers came to mingle over a few drinks.

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The night was rather great people watching as we had a wine glass broke on our table by one of the barbacks which made us look like the rowdy ones in the corner when we were just lounging conversing. Afterwhich the table next to us as well as we had to all get new glasses for fear of swallowing shards of glass in the wine, oh what a night right? Around 9 pm on this thursday the crowd started to thin out, the look of thirst was in a lot of eyes guys and girls alike.


This is what dating is like after 30 huh? It’s ¬†been so long kinda forgot how obnoxious it can be. While cruising the floor for pictures and being grinded on by the 40+ year old ladies I felt like a rabbit running through a field of cougars for a hot 15 seconds which felt like 10 minutes. All in all it was a great night for networking even more so if you where single. The crowd was diverse but a bit too dressed up for our taste (I was the only guy in a hoodie) but the vibe was eventful and Studio Paris is a great venue.

Good luck Hinge on your app launches. -Chicago Hustles View more of the photos here on FACEBOOK.

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