Human Art Series: Star Wars

Human Art Series: Star Wars


Gallery Bar not only employs some of the most amazing people we know but also helps artist in Chicago get their works seen, displayed and purchased in Chicago’s River North which is harder to do than many would know. When we saw the flyer for the event which was well done and made it a must to attend at all cost. This is our recap of the Human Art Series: 3 STAR WARS additions held at Gallery Bar Chicago.


Upon arriving we where on the hunt for the ever so social Missy Perkins. Missy knows everyone it seems so to hold her down on such a night was not likely. The artist displaying their talents where Ren, Steph Skills, Werm One & Ashley Simone. Each artist was performing air brushed live art from STAR WARS on their own models as the crowd looked on. Good stuff. I don’t think anyone really saw how awesome the art was due to the lights being a bit too dim for artist working with colors live. Our immediate favorites where Werm One, Steph Skills & Ashley Simone in that order. The winner of the event was REN! Had the light been better we could of observed how he painted his artwork within the letters STAR WARS which was dope but initially not visible. The event concept was FRESH but the vibe interesting. We didn’t get to see as many friends as we liked and even missed a few by a hair somehow.


Gallery Bar Chicago keeps it fresh in most cases BUT we were thrown way off by the music though. As a venue with amazing graffiti decorating it one would think commercial music would be the LAST thing played. Otherwise Good Job Gallery Bar Chicago on another great conceptual event. A STAR WARS themed show in full would be well received as well (hint hint). The picks will tell the rest of the story.


Good times. Excuse the yellow ;)


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