I Forgot My Cellphone: Youtube Video


After watching I Forgot My Phone: Youtube Video Chicago Hustles Magazine felt compelled to write about this just for a hot second as we call it. Life is a reality which is often based off our perspective right? The amount of times we have been in this scenario and we ARE business types who actually must stay connected is frightening in itself. Maybe we all must stay connected, so to each his own. The deeper issues here are why? Why must our EGO if so always need such social validation? We are old enough to still recall the gray large cell phones, beepers, two way pagers, the first marketable cell phones, then Smartphones. Ironically it is often these same types of individuals within the clip will be the main ones complaining about privacy when we willingly give it up to the majority of the world, just to be validated. When thinking of the word validation it reminds me of going to the movies needing to get that ticket stamped before you leave to go home to get out of the parking lot. Is a picture of me and anyone worth being recognized everywhere, put into Facebook’s evolving police/facial database, all for a few likes of people who when I see them in public realistically won’t even speak?  Depends on who YOU ARE but to us not really, but in this day and age it kind of is.

Starting with the clip, you wake up to see what you missed right? Not who is missing you just what YOU missed. Often if people wanted you to know directly they would of tagged, text or just called you but as humans always “bored” it has made us nosey as hell. (Guilty). In the second scene the sun is up it looks beautiful but just to have something to talk about is worth missing out on nature or is it?  In scene three we see the main star Charlene deGuzman seeking to be in contact with people who find themselves now not really paying consideration let by myself to one another. We now have all turn into fruit flies on this technology with consideration spans to compare however when will it cease? The seaside scene in addition to  the one to observe on the park are our favorites.  A pair will get engaged however can not barely do it proper to ensure that social validation.  A baby, our future thoughts you being attentive to what all of US ADULTS DO sits on a swing no longer shifting…taking a look at what* which is much more frightening while you let that simmer. As the subsequent scene we apply this highly effective 2:eleven minutes you already know how managed by way of society our EGO in point of fact is.  This use to be how junior excessive or highschool youngsters acted 15 years in the past, then they grew UP…now not any further, that is OUR SOCIETY. Can pals play seize up over a drink and simply discuss, nope as a result of social media that ghost within the shell must be alerted to who &the place we’re, as a result of way back we was disconnected from ourselves with units. The bowling alley, handled lifestyles all that you could say. The birthday too actual as a result of all of us wish to be FIRST to socially validate, making us ceaselessly racing towards our fellow mankind to be higher or take the simpler photograph/video. If this used to be the Olympics that might be one factor as a result of its feel to be that means however do this clip inside your individual community. I am positive you would be disturbed over all. We as people are now not CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX (THANK GOD) UNLESS there’s something REALLY taking place worthwhile of documentation.

This clip hits dwelling the place we work from, so once we go away to head see chums/colleagues/industry companions all on their gadgets its like shall we of simply stayed, HOME to look the test ins, feedback or unhealthy pictures. That is simply our opinion however take time to like, relish and revel in these round you. If one thing superior occurs, take it house with you permitting it to be memorable 30 years from now. The steady flood of social media web sites like YouTube have made individuals so determined to be socially validated. Many going to determined lengths to drag off acts simply unfit in society nevertheless it’s to be considered or recognized. Then again, we share them as a result of we’re bored or trying to be validated making this world a extra effed up situation. This clips used to be genius the underlying drawback much more irritating.  Certainly one of our writers stated she has a flip off her cellphone day and we’ve got for the reason that adopted the identical motto. Be human for a day, experience lifestyles for an hour, include chums for a lunch but be your self; each 2nd.

Impressed through 2:eleven minutes of creativity, presumably for a lifetime.

Chicago Hustles

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