I Pledge Allegiance To Chicago

Beeware releases trailer lately for his upcoming, very so much predicted audio murals entitled “I Pledge Allegiance to Chicago.” The thirteen monitor opus, releasing on January 2, 2014 by means of IAMBeeware.com boasts arduous hitting manufacturing by way of Tony Baines and lines Chicago Artists; Kobe and Shayna Love.

The modern sound of Chicago’s Rap Artist “Beeware” continues to blow minds together with his rhymes depicting the inspirational realities of the windy metropolis’s streets, tradition and numerous existence. Paying homage to a hit artists whose works paved roads ahead of him, this remarkable assortment of musical intrigue, authentic tracks, and remixes is the crown jewel of the “ILLEST STATE.
Beeware’s use of social torrid overtones, explodes greatness in traction. Much like Chicago’s founder, DuSable, his mediation is common, but advanced, descriptive of as of late’s ever altering large metropolis, and the heroes whose ft trod nonetheless. Caught between lifestyles’s anarchy, existence’s triumph, the artist’s new works resemble musical geniuses like Gil Scott Heron, and Curtis Mayfield. His lyrics beckon us, problem us, making one consider carefully in regards to the human lead to via quite a lot of mystical written ballads. This emcee takes us on a ride of revolutionaries with a lead to – as a self proclaimed revolt who abounds, so Beeware.

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