Creative of the Day: Kimberly Oliva

Inventive of the Day: Kimberly Oliva 


Kimberly Oliva  owner of  Estate Chicago travels the globe to bring the best jewels to the Chicago area often specializing in Edwardian, Victorian, Arts,Craft and Art Deco period jewelry. il_570xN.350178358



Chicago Hustles has to be a big fan of these style of finds as our great grandmother was also a fan. Every piece has a story that may never be told so it’s always interesting thinking how far a brooch, ring or pin has traveled. We combed Estate Chicago’s ETSY to find some very great pieces for your future collection.

When asked how Kimberly Oliva/Estate Chicago defined “HUSTLE” she stated the following: “Hustle means day and night I hustle vintage.  I am up early hitting estates, buying at auction, selling online, doing shows across the country selling vintage while putting Chicago on the map as one of the leading markets for quality vintage and antique finds. “Estate Chicago You can add Estate Chicago here: FACEBOOK & ETSY Enhance & Store Native.

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