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Our Review on Iron Man 3

WARNING: Spoiler alerts for those who have no seen it*



Oh man Tony Starks was doing good before Iron Man 3, way good. We understand they didn’t want to over shadow any future movies but still come on man! We heard through the grapevine it was very mediocre & that it was the best EVER? Going out on a limb to say NO? Even IMBD gave the movie 7.8 stars, how is that possible? Who ever said the later must of missed Iron Man,¬†Iron Man 2 & the The Avengers. It seemed in this version they where trying to make Starks aka Robert Downey, Jr. out to have a real heart which he doesn’t & give Gwyneth Paltrow a sub par actress some heroic light. Why or how did she make this role in the first place when she is an okay actress at best is beyond us. Tony Starks being cocky Tony Starks sets himself up for failure as the director of Iron Man 1 & 2 Jon Favreau playing his head of security gets put in a coma and he demands revenge. Iron man 3 could of been way better but its already a block buster hit so its seems they decided to take a hit since he was the unofficial savior in the The Avengers though Hulk was the star…don’t front YOU KNOW IT!¬† Ty Simpkins cool kid, simple role, almost reminded us visually of the kid in Spawn from 1997. Actually quite a frightening look alike. Iron Man 3 was filler for his new role we assume in the The Avengers coming back in 2015 lets just hope however that THOR: The Dark World is better? We enjoyed THOR with the world travels and certain aspects of the film with the antagonist his brother Loki but everything else in the first THOR was solid. Back to the gist Iron Man 3 had about 30 minutes out of 1:58 minutes of worthy attentive action. The attack on the home & the ending is all that’s worth seeing, good job Hollywood, your movie on our site is worth abouuuuuut 2.5 stars that’s rounded up actually in comparison to Iron Man 1 which was a 4.4 out of 5 & Iron Man 2 1 which was a 4.2 out of 5. Terrance Howard the reported highest paid actor of Iron Man 1 was not a good war machine, however Don Cheadle seems to fit the role ALOT BETTER! When he is not turning people into trees on you-tube as Captain Planet. However the weaponizing of it and the subliminal army recruit ads hidden therein are really a bit annoying with a slow motion yawn. We personally hate that nonsense, let a movie be a movie ya know?

Our conclusion?

Iron Man 3 gets a 2.5 out of 5 stars for being a boring movie compared to it’s predecessors.

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