Kanye West and Adidas Team Up

Kanye West and Adidas Crew Up


Okay call us a hater but why is he teaming up with anyone? You ARE KANYE WEST. If you are a pop culture icon who came out with a song called New Slaves why would you go to work for another brand that has done little for hip hop culture (I wonder how much Jammaster J’s family received from his shoe sales?). Yes in the golden era Run Dmc made the shell toes mad famous, hip hop culture did that thought NOT Adidas. So this brings me to the question why would he not want to make his own shoe given the connections he has globally? I mean yes it’s a great collaboration potentially but why don’t more hip hop artist aim to own things vs. being pimped out based on their name with the culture to pay the price? This has happened many times only to see the artist end up where they started. These are just a few thoughts on this topic at the moment because Kanye already tried to do fashion and he failed horribly in public though personally he is a stylish pop culture icon. The irony here is he’s a musical genius who makes dumb moves against the culture he’s trying to save with people who only see dollar signs on its head. What does this mean for hip hop culture honestly? I doubt much, if anything it’s pointless news without much of a foreseen perspective pushed across the net to make people feel like this is a good move for “Hip-Hop”. Nike was a good move in our opinion this new one don’t know how to feel. Adidas IMO hasn’t made a great shoe in ages, remember the Shackle “Handcuff” Orange shoe? Yeah that was barely a year & a half ago which they thought that was a great idea. So with a new pied piper to push whatever to the urban public demographic let’s hope he makes better designs while treating the bogus suggestions like he does his paparazzi’s. We respect the passion Kanye however it looks like you might be hustling backwards.

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