Kanye West: Black Bruce Wayne

Apparently in todays busy day we missed this much discussed leak of an album. I mean for real people leaks are 95% intentional no matter how over hyped they are. Who would sell one beat for $500 vs sending it to TMZ or something ya know? The said person who sold the beat could of sent it through so many more avenues and right after Kanye’s wedding come onnnnn people. However the beat as always is fresh and sounds like the intro to a theatrical extended video or something. Kanye West: Black Bruce Wayne should be a mixtape for Ye’ with unreleased songs or something. The song is being pulled off many a blog so download it while you can from the Soundcloud page. I look forward to some creative remixes looping the intro or some dark freestyles. We give mad love to beat makers for their creativity this is such a creative example.

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