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The Chicago Reader’s Key Ingredient Cook-Off was the best food event of 2013 we have attended by far. Words can not describe what you foodies & tasters missed at the Key Ingredients Cook Off. We thank Ginny Cook for giving us the love you did in favor of this event and we sincerely hope to meet you some day! We journeyed across town from Andersonville to Bridgeport for this event as we had ironically never been to Bridgeport. All we knew about Bridgeport is this is where alot of artist from Pilsen made an exodus to so many an artist had told us. We arrived at 6:00 on the dot for the well appreciated VIP reception. Upon entering we were greeted by two choices of wine from the servers, don’t mind if we do its Friday let the festivities begin right? We waited a bit for the doors to open and when they did all guest in line with drinks in hand were escorted to the massive freight elevator big enough for a car & some, up we go! Upon opening doors to nice elevator ushers we noticed only half of the event was open as we forgot we were VIP for a second (hehe). Were to begin? We saw Green Mills Alfonso Ponticelli playing as we entered wondering what to try first. Lets go to the bar was the decision as is in most cases lol. As we were greeted by a knowledgeable staff explaining to us the difference and taste of each drink we opted for two different drinks, one the Four Roses (bourborn, carpano, antica, averna, angostura) & a No. 3 Gin (gin, briottet, framboise, gran classico). First stop was The Wit for us. Due to our abhorrence of potential GMO corn we pondered but damn it smelled good. After a bite from a wooden sliver, yum! Second stop, Cafe Des Architects (a personal favorite as it made my mouth water the whole night) serving an Alaskan King Crab (as a cancer via astrology I normally don’t eat crab but sheesh this was GREAT!) Shrimp Cracker, Spicy shrimp mayo & fried shrimp-togarashi. Huh? Yeah we had to Google some of that too so don’t feel bad but it was mouth watering to say the least. After that it all started to blur as we realized the Four Roses cocktail was a bit toooo strong. We went around the room making mental notes on the most tasteful dishes. Brown Trouts dish was presented so nicely we barely wanted to take one “You sure?”, we asked the chef, yes go ahead; results flawless. Nellcote’s tacos were superb, as well as the table next to them. Panozzo’s had another delicious dish (Image number 7) and stated it was normally out of their forte but it was a nice step out the box if you ask us. We wanted to ask the ingredients to each but it was crowded as we wanted to taste it ALL! Last stop of the first room was a delicious creme brulee from an amazing local bakery whose name eludes us. We haven’t tasted one so fine since our fine dining days in the restaurant industry. It was so smooth, rich and creamy; you cant duplicate such a taste easily. We had to grab another drink and pause because our play button was broken. After 15 tables or so stuffed we needed to take a breather. We managed to get a quick snap of Kristen Kaza of No Small Plans Productions doing her networking thing. Make sure to like her page as she is an indie business blossoming in Chicago.
Scene Two:
The curtains open as we take a much needed breather to room two. Whats this, more food saaaawing! Going towards the sounds of Cuts on Cutz killing it as usual we go in right side. Starting with Longman & Eagle whose representitive explained to us in detail the ingredients of some form of a custard dish which was interesting to the over loaded taste buds. On the way around the room we slowly nodded our head to the tunes while enjoying delicious samples from each table. The chefs representing each establishment were very nice, courteous and made sure the dish we were about to shoot looked like a bride on her wedding for which we thank you! By the time we got to the dj booth we were ready to pop but Hopleafs dish looked so good, since its in our neighborhood we had to make room for it. Yes it was still some room left and quiet delish; so we grabbed another lol, yum yum. After Hopleaf we were basically saying “get in my belly” as could not stop eating. Yes I just said that, we wanted to experience everything at this event. Afterwards we tried a few soups, took a few pics grabbed, more drinks and decided to just sit down. Yes we felt like two people representing orbiting planets at this point and needed to digest food. Our favorite past time is people watching, a good time no less lol. As we speed forward 45 minutes later ( we did double back to The Wit’s table & Cafe Des Architects for seconds & thirds) we decided to get up, catch some video & dance it off. The footage below tells the rest of the story. We are over thankful to those who respect our goal, aim and can never express enough gratitude in this regard. We thank Ginny Cook  again, Chicago Reader & Kristen Kaza for having Chicago Hustles. Specials shout out to Dave the security guy who kept us company during the talk session when we forgot the cam was on lol. He’s a Bridgeport CPD good dude, good times.

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