Kings Rosemont Experience


Our interest was piqued in Kings Rosemont via a few photo tags on our Instagram & hilarious #hastag conversations with Anthony Fontana a server who was also the marketing assistant for Kings Rosemont. We decided after a much needed break from the residence to take a little trip out to Rosemont to enjoy my first bowling experience . Did we mention it was my first time bowling EVER in life? That’s right ladies & gents I have never bowled in my life until Kings Rosemont. If you are going to go for the gold you may as well start at the gold mine right? Kings Rosemont proved to be that goldmine providing a class “A” VIP one of a kind experience for Chicago Hustles Magazine. Here is an honest detailed review of our Kings Rosemont Experience over Memorial Day Weekend.

On our way driving out to Rosemont on a semi cloudy day we thought we should have taken the train but due to a tight schedule later at the Riviera we decided to keep the day simple. Let’s be honest here, we hoof it at all times in the city because we like close parking spaces ha-ha so for us to drive to Rosemont we had to be curious. We have stayed out by the airport many times over the years on travel but we had no idea Rosemont was so nice! We knew there was an outlet mall built in the last year or so but that’s all we knew about Rosemont. As we made a left that should of been a right after the airport (damn you GPS) we found our way to King Rosemont which was located right across from Muvico Rosemont 18. As we made our way into the parking garage with an awesome sigh of relief, finally made it.


Scene One: Tour

Once we set foot out of the elevator into the courtyard we saw Kings Rosemont had an outside patio that faced a magnificent courtyard that seemed to be in the center of all neighboring restaurants. In the back of our mind we wondered what this was for as it almost looked like a mini football field. We called ahead to make sure everything was as planned and were told Anthony our main point of contact was not on duty, However Travis Matthews the event coordinator graciously decided to give us a tour of the venue immediately. We saw the photos online but didn’t expect this to be soooo nice & cozy. If they had one in our neighborhood we would be regulars like Norm & Cliff on Cheers. When we think of a bowling alley normally thick smoke, awful bowling shirts, pitchers of beer and sweaty socks come to mind. This was NOT the case with Kings Rosemont.


The reality here was this was a finely polished dining venue that happens to have bowling lanes as the general manager Mark Leger so put it to us (with great enthusiasm).


As we took a tour of the venue with Travis he explained to us that Kings Rosemont could hold up to 900 guests, has 20 bowling lanes, two bars, VIP rooms often booked for corporate parties and showed us the really chill patio we saw on the way in. The decor of the establishment reminded Chicago Hustles of a mix between a gentlemen’s club/speak easy from the 50’s due to the crimson red tone of the VIP rooms with a new age bowling alley flair. As we went through the Kingpin, Royal & Kings rooms we just couldn’t believe more of our associates from the suburbs had not told us about Kings Rosemont as the venue is only about a mile from the Rosemont blue line a simple walk for any Chicagoan. (We’ll return to this).


Scene Two: Food & Bowling

After our very informative 15 minute tour with Travis we (saving our appetite all day) were rather hungry but could not decide to bowl first as I personally was excited or to eat first. After talking with Travis & Peter Stern the assistant GM we decided to do both but first we had to grab some shoes.


It was asked many times in excitement during this venture “you’ve never bowled”? My remorseful reply was always NO. Over the years I always cancelled, was sick or something kept me from bowling which I always wanted to do since watching the the Flintstones (it’s the little things) yes the cartoon from the 80’s. Today was our day at Kings Rosemont! Peter placed us in the King Pin Room often reserved for Corporations only with our own attentively humorous server Ryan. Let’s back up, its Memorial Day weekend and we come to Kings Rosemont to get our own VIP room, Lane, Server and for as long as we want…humbling yet exhilarating!


Anthony told us he loved Chicago Hustles Magazine and what it stood for so us coming to Kings Rosemont was by no mistake. We had to support those supporting us right, RIGHT! As we looked over the menu which was larger than expected for what we “thought was just a bowling alley” we couldn’t decide what exactly to eat or drink so we asked for suggestions which I often avoid but we were so taken in we figured it couldn’t hurt. As we were told about the drinks specials we were alerted that lane 17 would be ours in this VIP room King Pin Room with just us three.


Darcy had her brother in town for the weekend so we brought him along for the ride with us this holiday weekend. As I wondered around just taking pictures while they pondered drinks and food options a fish bowl arrives containing: coconut rum, vodka, blue curacao, red bull blue, lemon juice with Swedish gummy fish floating around.


After a few sips from each of us, it’s show time LOL! We set the Kings Rosemont decorations up in so many ways pondering on what would be the BEST shot of the fish bowl beverage which could easily be a drink for three. As I confusingly stumbled around trying to figure out how to get lane 17 going we eventually had to move down to lane 19 which was 8 steps over so no big deal.

The lane was live, I was nervous as Darcy & her brother had previously bowled many times (we clown each other so I was nervous ha-ha). When I stepped up to bowl using ball number 3 my first ball at 15.9 mph was a strike!


“Darcy said he’s going to kick our @**” (which I didn’t) but it felt good initially to get the first one. In the middle of our first game we decided to order some food via Ryan an enthusiastic & excellent server on a few of his suggestions which included: Buffalo Wantons new to us which included crispy handmade wontons stuffed with a homemade cheesy buffalo chicken dip filling, Calamari (my favorite app anywhere in most cases) & Barbeque Chicken Wings.


All apps arrived within 12 minutes of our order well prepared, presented & polished if you have read my past reviews you know how important this is to me personally. In between game one and two we stuffed ourselves with our larger than life appetizers almost to the point of combustion. How can people, bowl, drink and still function lol? Obviously I’ve been behind my dual monitors for a bit too long in 2014. By the time Ryan came back around to grab our main entree order we were at a lost for where to put more food. This is a very unique word of advice if you go to Kings Rosemont do not go under four deep you will need help! We decided to get another game in and all of the sudden somehow (the misses and her brother) left me the fish bowl all to myself at about 80% (who’s #winning at this point you may ask?) as they ordered beers.


The second game was photo time but guess what? I didn’t know the lanes are like air hockey boards so as I stepped into lane 18 for a photo I start sliding backwards losing all traction. I’m a big MJ fan but if moon walking felt like this I’m so cool on it. So as I had the look of a person sinking in quicksand on my face as I glided slowly out of lane 18 I took a seat. I was stressed out, these are amazingly polished lanes so do not step past the high lit number in your lane, I mean Pharell For Real and you’ll stay Happy.


After much deliberation while extremely happy, yet stuffed we decided as main entrees to order the Spinach Strawberry salad, “Kings” Famous steak tips thanks to Ryan, and Blackened Chicken Sandwich. Our immediate thoughts were where are we going to put this…we need time so we bowled some more.


We arrived at 2:15 and by 3:45 we are almost ready to be rolled out of the venue literally though we planned to leave by 5:15 to be able to make it home in enough time to change & rest before the Riviera to see Sugar Hill Gang.

We come to find out that the night before not even a full 24 hours Wonder Mike, Big Bank Hank & Master Gee were in the bar the night before! I saw a photo on instagram but had no idea it was from the Kings Lounge in Kings Rosemont. Imagine that right? Crazy how life work isn’t it? After our second game the food arrives and Darcy & her brother dig in. I personally had no room left from the appetizers but was talked into for photo sake a Strawberry Pop Rock Martini which was different but literally delicious.


After sipping the beverage had to try the Steak Tips which where prime quality but we ordered them medium well so we expected a bit of toughness but a great dish to order if you are a steak eater. The Spinach Strawberry Salad was enough for two-three people and came well prepared for our cameras. I didn’t try the sandwich for fear of exploding everywhere lol so we decided to grab another quick game as it was now past our departure time.

Scene Three: Time to go

The time to go was near where did 3 hours go so fast for us? Travis who gave us the initial tour was on his way out for the day; he bid us a farewell and told us he hoped we had a great evening. It was now time for us to wrap up the final photos taken with our DSLR’s & The Nokia Lumia 1020 we are testing thanks to Nokia so had to get in what we call anything we missed shots. At this point there wasn’t much missed honestly we covered the venue, the food and the experience but what are we missing so as we split up waiting to be introduced to Mark the GM for the evening we captured some artsy like images we may of missed. Mark a charming gent told us how passionate he was about the venue citing it was meant to be a place of great dining experience and bowling was the bonus. As he displayed some of the Sugar Hill Gang Photos from his phone he alerted us that a framed image of Sugar Hill Gang would soon be displayed with the other greats like Lady Gaga, Bobby Brown & Charles Tillman hanging on the walls of Kings Rosemont from their recent visits. We returned our shoes then said our thank you and goodbyes as we took photos until we literally walked back outside the doors. What an experience for a first timer.


Overall Conclusion:

This was our great experience with Kings Rosemont. We came out of curiosity but left with awe and amazement that a few of these establishments wait for it…..will soon be opening in the actual city of CHICAGO mid 2015! The first one will be near Halsted & North where the old YMCA use to be some years ago. Kings Rosemont is going to bring you “amazing” in a nicely packaged upper cut to other bowling alleys in the city. The new location will be called Kings Lincoln Park. It will be part of the New City Development project. The project encompasses retail, entertainment and dining as well as an upscale grocer and luxury living. The wow factor here lies in the service, attention, detail to food preparation, and unique flavor profiles all while allowing us to experience what it’s like to be VIP at Kings Rosemont was stupendous. The thing is we would have felt VIP outside of the VIP room at Kings Rosemont due to the quality of service delivered to three guests who came out of curiosity. We know Rosemont is rather far for those without vehicles. However if have visitors flying into the city this summer out by O’Hare make sure to pay our new friends, associates and fellow entrepreneurs at Kings Rosemont a well-deserved visit. You will not regret it but tell them Chicago Hustles Magazine sent you their way for the best experience in Rosemont.


We would like to thank Kings Rosemont amazingly attentive staff & Nokia Lumia 1020 all the way from the UK for allowing us to document this experience with their product in the name of Chicago!

Chicago Hustles is very excited to be returning to Kings on June 12th to be a part of the 3rd annual Charles Tillman Celebrity ProBowler Event. The event raises money to benefit the Charles Tillman Cornerstone Foundation. Visit for more information about this great event.

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