KWOC: Kings With 0ut Crowns

Kings Without Crowns

Kings Without Crowns is known locally by an exclusive few. In the city of Chicago there are so many Kings with out crowns on a creative level also known by a few.  Adverse as known in the bboy world is one such a KING.  While out of town competing Adverse made time for Chicago Hustles Magazine to discuss dancing, running a clothing line and his hustle.

Why the name Adverse? How do you balance being an entrepreneur and dancer? What are the challenges you face in doing both?

I took a real unorthodox path to breaking that alot of people didn’t agree with or thought was incorrect at the time. All that stress that I got from people made me feel that they had an “adverse” opinion to my style so I just kept the adjective, lol. My last name happens to be Adams so it kinda fit. Don’t sleep and always stay busy, I’ll rest when I’m dead. The biggest challenge I face from both angles is the lack of time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.


Where did the name KWOC originate from? What does the term mean to you?

KWOC (“Kings Without Crowns” abbreviated) first came about when some homeboys of mine wanted to enter a bboy competition and since everyone was on their own thing at the time they didn’t have a crew name to enter with. I’m not exactly who landed on it, but the name just got thought up. From there we just kept using the name whenever me and my partner in crime DJ Lester Burn Em needed a group name for performances or battles or whatever. When we saw that we could actually survive without getting real jobs, we kept the name alive and used it as the company name. To me, it’s an end goal that’s always just out of reach. I know I’m the best at what I do, “the king” you could say, but there’s always room for improvement. I’ll stay without my crown til everything is perfect and I can just sit back and look at all I’ve done.


How would you define your brands style of fashion? Where do you see the future of your brand going?

I see it as handmade classic casual street wear. I like to design pieces that you can wear with any outfit. They’re those shirts that have been in your dresser forever that just don’t get old. I’m not into big graphics or wild colorways that get tired after the first 3 times you wear it. I wish I could see the future of my brand, but I’m too busy with the here and now. I know I’m gonna be consistently working harder as more options open to me, but the brand with stay fundamentally the same. Classic designs, classic colors, everything handmade. We don’t outsource any of our production, everything is designed, printed, finished, packed and sold thru us. We want you to KNOW who’s making your gear so there’s no question about quality.


When can Chicago expect the next wave of Kings Without Crowns GEAR? What retailers can we find it at?

Holiday ’11 drops on Saturday the 10th in Orlando, FL and should be mostly available online at the following week.

You can’t. If you like what you see, you gotta get it thru us. We’ll be at jams and events across the world for the next few months (stay posted to our schedule on our FB or Blog) and our online store at never closes. We wont be distributing in the US for some time, if at all, because we want to keep the brand exclusive. I don’t want some geek I don’t know in Albuquerque selling my product because I want people to know where each piece came from. I want you to know you’re not buying some mass produced shit, that your buying the best.


Once one becomes engulfed in passion we inspire others often. What advice can you share with future fashion designers looking to get into fashion?

If you’re looking to learn how to be a fashion designer, DONT GET INTO FASHION. If you haven’t already been into it, this shit ain’t for you. There are way too many toys out there who think this shit is easy and make booty gear that no one but their close friends would wear. Guys who’ve been messing around and already have a good sense of what they like, GET AWAY FROM FASHION. If all you do is look online at lookbooks and style sheets, you’re just gonna start subconsiously biting. Get out and go to a concert, have diner somewhere new, read a book, inspiration comes from EVERYTHING, not just the latest Fall Season drops.


When Chicago Hustles Magazine asked how KWOC defined the term HUSTLE, Adverse said:

“To ME, “Hustle” gets used waaaay too damn much. So many people throw that shit around like a Hip Hop buzz word. There’s regular old “doing work” and then there’s “HUSTLING.” To me, someone who “hustles” is someone who NEVER STOPS WORKING. You can be eating, taking a shit, fuckin’, whatever, and you’ll still be thinking about whats next on the list ready to start a new project.”-Adverse/KWOC


 Chicago Hustles Magazine thanks Kings Without Crowns for taking time to talk to us.