Creative of the Day: Leah Ball

Leah Ball presently works from her studio in Chicago, Illinois, where her time is divided between marbling porcelain, carving cast metal jewelry, and daydreaming on the couch with her red doberman Kingsley.

Originally from the beachside town of Carlsbad, California, Ball’s aesthetic foundation is in the patterns and rhythms of the Pacific coast. The kind conditions, workable sands, and persistence of the tides provided her a place to play, develop, and create, but more importantly accept the Ocean as a humbling force of renewal that privileges the maker with a fresh medium every day. Her kinship with the natural cycles of the sea helped generate a creative spirit that finds satisfaction in doing and re-doing, product in practice, and truth in tedium.

To this day, Ball’s work revisits themes of repetition and process to illuminate the secrets within her materials.

Check out more of her work here: Website

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