LeapLiving Launch Celebration at Gallery Bar

LeapLiving Launch Party at Gallery Bar with Tina Weidenhammer was a very sweet energetic party involving tasty treats, good company with great energy. Upon entering Gallery Bar a venue now on the favorites list given the location I expected it to be a vibe opposite of what was to come. While waiting for my good friend Betsy, I stood outside taking in the surroundings trying to do some Yelping on my phone which wasn’t moving fast enough. I saw a few people enter while I over hearing him explain the capacity rules. This is normally what you hear only when a venue is soon to be packed out, excited at this point up we go. So we enter Gallery Bar a narrow style yet intimate bar still serving food to the public half roped off, even better because I was starving! Let see what these two drinks are first, hmmm the 3 point date (Real Russian Vodka (its fake Russian vodka, Sheesh?) , watermelon, lime and a dash of Green Habanero) a very good drink. This leap of faith was drink number two and boy did it  live up to its title because after a few I stopped leaping all together lol. The Leap of Faith contained Tanteo Tequila, AbsintheBenedictine, lime, orange juice and cherry preserve, what got everyone was the after taste “did you try this, with a face yup sure did” lol. The nibbles being past around by the courteous staff were really good and was being churned out so fast with a small kitchen staff of only 4. The Duck Confit Tacos were just too good as where the Lobster Fritters, great presentation garnish & all. This was good stuff, so as we sat there networking, taking pictures  I noticed it was alot of Anderville restaurant props on the tables in the form of mini cards offering venues to attend in the form of a date night cycle. This was a pretty good marketing ploy here must admit, again bravo LeapLiving. They had a rather nice raffle going so  tempting to win out of the 230 attendees we both opted in for 3 tickets total. When entering raffles I always want to have that stand up slow motion moment where you say I won, like on the game shows you know? Not this night but it was such a pleasure to have attended to who cared. We met some awesome new faces, creatives & entrepreneurs at this launch party by LeapLiving. The artwork gave it a very mellow dynamic filled with color to keep your eyes moving along the room. Last but not least we met the coolest GM Koni and truly hope to attend many of Gallery Bars future functions on her accord alone. Was great meeting Ben of our new comrade of GOPHO COLLECTIVE who did a great job on the photo set you can check it out here. Excellent instances throughout, beef up your native entrepreneurs & LeapLiving!

Reinforce LeapLiving right here: http://www.funderhut.com/tasks/view/soar-into-residing

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