Lollapalooza Secret Show At Park West


The Lollapalooza Secret Show At Park West with The NeighbourhoodHAIM and Krewella would of been better had it not been hell to enter. We stood in line patiently waiting for the show to begin as none of these bands were on our radar. It was Palooza weekend and we wanted to go to at least ONE show to be able to document without the wild hare nonsense. The line at 7:30 when we arrive hopping on the Clark 22 wasn’t that bad but soon wrapped around the block. Whoa, is it just the weekend or where we naive to who was playing? Truthfully it was more the latter but hey we came to capture the passion of the musicians playing while enjoying a great show. This is always the headache for us “camera rules”  and as photographers this kind of hurts when you put so much into traveling with them. We came in good to go as people passed us in groups of 4 & 6 and as soon as they saw just one camera out it became an ordeal, this is after being put on the list(slow head hang with sigh)(again?). Then starts the walkie talkie convos, then the who, then the wait a second, then the they’re on the list, then the who is he shooting, then okay they are good to go.

The annoyance at this point made us wish we would of just sat close to the show and camera phoned the show like so many people seem to be lucky enough to do. Our biggest GRIPE is unless the artist says no pro photographers, why are we behind the video guy near the door 500+ feet away from the stage yet a camera phone (they do have 41 MP see link) can be front row sending it around the world instantly via social media. It’s abusively ironic and severely annoying as a person carrying 6 k on their back normally to document most often for a publication article that we have to go through such hassles due to your lack of education on devices.

Yes Park West so not cool. However we did enjoy the new bands we heard, Haim stuck out as we care lots for female groups & bands but it was hard to get the best shots because we were stuck with the other photographers behind the video & sound guy. In an all out humble opinion if big cameras are not aloud why are high quality cameras like the Sony RX100 that’s an SLR in a pocket camera? The truth is we expected a great show, received one just from a distance which was infuriating but we stood through it as long as we could. At this point annoyed to miss Krewella, we went to the Tonic Room for Fuckaplaooza (How we felt) to end the night with creative indie bands. The venue itself  Park West used to be superior alternatively the limitations on cameras without a pat down used to be hectic (TSA MUCH?). Want we might introduced a flask at the least that manner lets of loved the convey only a bit extra. :)

Shout out to the Nikon shooters who use previous glass manually.  Our 200 f4 allowed this to occur. At all times roll ready, prepared for the what ifs.

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