Lomography Store Chicago Grand Opening

The Lomography Gallery Store Chicago Grand Opening was a very good time more so for people watching and the few creatives we met who where so humble & genuine. We figured it was too much free-ness involved to arrive late so we decided to arrive early for once to take a good look around. The event on the website said 6-10pm but on Facebook it said 7-10pm so we opted for the latter. We randomly stopped in the Sunday before to check it out and met one of their sales associates who was quite nice, knowledgeable and told us about the opening (Thanks Rachel!). We got there at 7:15 and the pizzas (only three) had been demolished! It’s Chicago, so things like this happen, but what was funny was seeing the same hipster scavengers that we have witnessed for years attending free events taking all they can, never tipping or doing anything of value towards the event (support!). So we stood next to the food table after hitting up the bar to observe & people watch. We didn’t see as many film photo enthusiast as expected but ran into the energetic Sasha Hodges of KOKOROKOKO which made the rest of the evening an adventure. Lomography is awesome for film enthusiast given they develop film onsite as well. If you enjoy Lomography Diana F+ cameras & an expert team of workers cease in to Wicker Parks latest gem. Listed below are a couple of pictures we captured with a quick video.