Looking To Build A Team

Hello Readers of Chicago & the World We Are Looking To Build A Team.

The summer here in Chicago for us has been pretty refreshing (for those of us who hate sweating a ton) as well as amazing when we had time to get out of the office. The rainy days, cool sunny days and humid spring like days has confused the best of us but hey it’s CHICAGO. The summer is closing out so fast even we are not fully willing to accept it but the show must go on right? With that said we are a small unit which is again looking to expand. We refuse to be a publication online or in print that ask for the same people we wish to uplift/feature to work for free so lets discuss barter/compensation when you email us. We don’t HUSTLE BACKWARDS aka it’s not our STYLE. The only thing that has made Chicago Hustles possible is our passion to bring a unique inspirational view into the world of creatives or those creatives on their way to becoming creative entrepreneurs here in our home, Chicago.

We as a creative couple trying to change the way creatives/entrepreneurs who struggle to get noticed or make it as entrepreneurs (like ourselves) are looked at here in Chicago. We would love to cover more in the city but as you have guessed two bodies can only go so far. So we need to expand locally which brings us to this post. In working with us we offer freedom of expression in most cases as long as it fits within our aim to empower, educate or elevate the creatives & entrepreneurs in Chicago. We are not really trying to censor passion but more so spread it around the city which is why we now need help. Chicago Hustles Magazine is currently looking to collaborate with creatives in the following fields.

Guest Writers:

We write almost everything on Chicago Hustles. Honestly we get tired of our own style of writing because we live for variety. Who gets tired of themselves? Well we do so call us self-critical if you will but we are who we are as most artist would say, we think lol. This is why we need more creative writing as we enjoy heart felt personal commentary from those who have stories or insightful thoughts to share.


Three images 750 X 500 pixels
750 words minimum, proof read for errors
All Social Urls
Website Url

Note: Must fit within the concept of Chicago Hustles

Interview Personalities:

We dislike the limelight ironically, mics to be particular. We prefer to be behind the camera vs. in front of it which has caused us to miss interviews with Famous hip hop artist (Common, Rza, Guilty Simpson, Ghost face, Dj Mustard, Slum Village, Do or Die, Twista, Method Man +), Famous People (Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Alex Midler, Gard Hvaara +), Famous Bands (Little Dragon, Hiatus Kaiyote, Slayer, Radkey+), Famous Artist (too long), Fashion (too long) all because we were shorthanded or Camera-Chi (shy). This isn’t for everyone so we need someone who can handle this with EASE.


This is your passion, you’re a natural and work under pressure well
We provide the mic, video & photography
Should be willing to pose with said artist before or afterwards (Not a must)
All Social Urls

Note: Some questions will be provided

Photographers who love to write/review:

This category is dear to us as its one of our biggest passions (photography). We as photographers are picky; VERY picky which is why 98% of the time we only post what we shoot on our website. This as you can imagine is exhaustingggg but we desire to strongly uphold the visual quality that has lead our partners to us (see link). If we have contacted you already we adore your eye already and would love to work with you. If we have not we would like to view how your eye transforms a moment into PRICELESS ART. We will need a lot of eyes this fall for music (all genres), fashion, art & food/drink events so if you inquire expect alot of questions in this area. We strongly believe in Quality over Quantity.


Equipment Set Up (email for more information)
Must submit event request a month in advance
12-20 Best Photos Per Event with YOUR watermark
750 words minimum, proof read for errors
48-72 hour turn around on delivery for posting
All Social Urls (credit remains yours on all written & photo submitted content)

Note: We are after professionals as we have a side photography business (Camera-Chi.com). In short working with us will lead to many more endeavors TRUST, so please work with us as we are here to be your creative colleagues more than your bosses.

Video/After Effects Wizard:

We would like to have one person (or team) develop for us an intro/outro video using After Effects for our future videos, fundraising campaigns & highlight reels of events. We have a specific idea in mind so contact us if interested in assisting bring this to life. Our requirements are rather detailed so email us directly.

In conclusion we want to also mention we design for many top local companies in Chicago & abroad during the day that will also need your talents. We want a team of freelancers/contributors we can call family (play together, eat together, support each other’s endeavors in person on social media etc) but also understand professionalism, being direct when you disagree and being on time with delivery. We are creatives just like YOU so we would never ask any more from you than we’d expect you to ask of us. What you see now is the result of two creatives just imagine if we had more creative minds on deck? As we finally move into print & digital format this year officially with the help of Issuu our new partner we will NEED help. As we post this we hope in all honestly the universe sends us creatives we will work with for years to come as we have other national concepts going live THIS FALL that will be very influential to all involved for sure.

We Look forward to hearing from you. Due to the large number of expected replies please allow up to a week for response. Also remember this is a freelance position.
Email: Chicagohustles@gmail.com (please allow us time to respond to all inquiries)