Method Man with The Clyde Project








Method Man with The Clyde Project

The Method Man show at the double door was pretty fresh for our first time seeing Method Man perform solo. We have only missed him performing for the last 6 years due to one restriction or another whether it was date time, location cost or camera policy. Tonight was finally our damn night to see Method Man perform. The local star Aerias came out with his full band the Clyde Project which consist of a drummer, keyboarder, bass, player singer and back up vocalist. The energy they are able to bring together makes the crowd rather responsive before its main act. Aerias went through his list of cuts while making the crowds head nod. At a hip hop show in Chicago it takes a lot to even get the nod of approval, Aerias manages to get this and some. The Clyde Project puts it down as a solid musical collective and no one can front on that when with Aerias they have been on the bill with Dwele, Rza, Gostface, Method Man and the Beatnuts. After Aerias and the Clyde project set the tone for the stage out came Hannibal The Great to rock the mic before Method Man & Street Life took over. Method Man stepping out looked THE SAME AS HE DID WHEN HE DROPPED TICAL. Method Man came with the favorite cuts stopping to make sure the crowd was with him. As usual its always that one individual we encounter normally a male ready to bring the ruckus to a very otherwise positive crowd. I’m from “New York” he said pushing his way through the crowd to get up front row and not know the lyrics to any of Method Mans album. It is always a shame when good music has to be considered second to safety in what could be a very peaceful environment. Meth sent a blunt through the crowd that at one point the roach ended up in our pocket then out of our pocket. For the most Part show was fresh Method Man still has got it with no intent on losing it.

-Chicago Hustles

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