Microsoft Electrolumia Experience

Microsoft Electrolumia Experience


After being appointed Chicago Lumia Ambassadors for our photo creativity by Microsoft one of the world’s most innovating corporate brands we were invited to come hang out with other taste makers & major influencers from Miami, San Francisco, New York, Boston & Seattle right here in Chicago. The experience we were invited to was part of the Microsoft Electrolumia Experience at Park West Theatre which featured a hologram performance from Manufactured Superstars via VNTANA. We had an amazing time, met some amazing bloggers & creatives then on top of it all ate great food while learning more about each other’s influence, passion & short comings of his or her city. Here is a late but detailed recap of our experience which we are utterly most grateful for.

Day One: The Introduction

We were all but too happy to have the support of Microsoft on our side in Chicago so when they invited us out for an all-inclusive dinner with the other tastemakers we could not help but oblige. The venue of tonight’s introductory dinner was downtown at . When we googled it as we do before going anywhere we almost there wondered if we were under dressed because it looked & sounded fancy. The train convo went a bit like I hope we aren’t under dressed; reply ish me either. We both laughed because we hate getting fancy. As we stopped to take a few picks on this semi rainy day we almost passed up the venue. “There it is!” said Mother Diablo. Oh well let’s hope we weren’t late as we always are (see back stories). Upon entering and being greeted by the very professional & attentive Tres Soldi staff (this place is NICE!) we only had one guest present which was our new hysterical entrepreneur compadre in future adventures @Manamica. Us early dang must be a piano waiting to fall outside how is this possible ha-ha yet within a quick conversations time the rest of the crew all rolled in. Here are the twitter handles of our new friend’s affiliates and the culprits for the next 36 hours.

Boss: @NokiaUS

Ladies in Charge:
@leahjeannette, @NatajaL & @KBrigel

Creative Squad:
@manamica (social butterfly/digital marketing),
@ThomasHEdwards (humble social strategist),
@TheFashionPoet (quiet fashion rockstar)
@ColinAC (video tech wizard)
@DJDeanMichaels (hip hop lover & musician)
@BrokeAssStuart (raw creative energy)
@MattManiego (photographer/timelapse beast)
@Oamsler (musician, producer hip hop enthusiast)

Just listing all of them while viewing their websites again I HATE personally it was such a short trip to intake so much talent & abilities but we made the best of it yes we did. So back to Tres Soldi as the ladies in charge ordered the spirits for the table the menu was filled with so much good stuff. I as usual wanted to talk more than look at a menu & Mother Diablo wanted to look at the menu more than talk as she is serious about her food. After ordering a martini and socializing about Lumia with @KBrigel trying to understand more about the firm, the brand, the future experience hip hop came up with @DJDeanMichaels and we started talking favorite tracks & music for a bit. I was personally feeling alienated from the rest of the table so I got up to hand everyone a card before I forgot because Tres snapped on the martinis man let me tell ya good ish + delish. As the apps we ordered hit the table the calamari fritti was pretty savory with a nice zing to it I don’t taste often still can’t put my finger on it but very flavorful. More convos about music, location of all of the tastemakers and what they thought about Chicago. This is our second experience were we are around creatives not from Chicago who come to here then experience it like the suburbanites on the weekend. When you know of so much but time is so short well there is only so much one can do right? Inserts sad face…








Darcy’s had the Vendure Pizza which contained seasoned vegetables, ricotta,argula-pistachio pesto and some other stuff lol. It looked good and the presentation was proper for sure. Tres was so on top of it and this made the experience so comfy yet amazing. As cheese trays and other goods where passed around the conversation kept flowing on various topics, visits to Chicago and more. As the main entrees hit the table in a synchronized manner I was over impressed with how they delivered and yet had never heard of Tres Soldi at ALL. My dish was a cod or trout not sure actually now because it was recommended by the server as I love my fish dishes but it was so flavorful that I only finished half of it which was split between @manamica & @ColinAC because I was about to pop open it felt like it lol. As the conversations varied from front to end of the table some of us wanted to go out some of us didn’t so @KBrigel scrolled through her phone for about 30 minutes before we existed and the conclusion was Bub City. This was another spot we had no clue about let alone on a Tuesday we never know what to do on a Tuesday which has since changed since this experience ha ha. As everyone gathered their goods after a filling meal we all walked back over to the Ivy Boutique Hotel to hang out and pick up some goods from the Ladies in Charge.






As the parties all split up somewhat no this Tuesday the party goers of the evening turned out to be @NatajaL, @KBrigel, @BrokeAssStuart, @Chicagohustles, @ThomasHEdwards, @DJDeanMichaels & @Motherdiablo. As we all walked over to Bub City we where in for an odd surprise as we hoped for a low key bar to hear more about our new friends. We walked into Bub City on a Tuesday and the whole placed is shoulder to shoulder jam packed?! As Chicagoans on stage sang karaoke, bands played and people woo and screamed it felt very country to us in some way. However we love randomness without adventures so we all drank and had fun conversing and sharing information as we all shot with different Lumia Products. As the night closed we decided to take a cab home vs. the CTA because we were beat and had another amazing day ahead of us.

Day Two: The Performance

Mother Diablo had to work but I had a rather free day so I was intending on meeting up with the Lumia Squad for the Chicago Haunted Tour which featured murder sites, haunted bars and spooky spots. Isn’t that ALL of Chicago though ha ha. However I fell back asleep like someone’s grandpa missing all of the fun so we decided to rendezvous with the posse at The Drawing Room before heading over to Park West. As we entered the venue the stomach began to not feel well so I lost my appetite with a delicious choice of meals ahead of us. Again?! Grrrrr. As everyone showed up ready to party the server gave us a run down on the menu then took our drink orders.



I was the only one at the table who ordered a nonalcoholic beverage this time! Rare I know but hey you got to do what you got to do right? This drink was so powerful though and has since become my favorite having Fresh Grated Ginger, Lime & Tonic every sip was like a drop kick woooo. As the drinks hit the table we all watched each other taking pictures of each other’s drinks for our instagrams. It was fun watching how everyone used their devices which varied in size and features as we had ours two weeks before everyone else which was awesome in its own way. After we ordered the Hanger Steak & Pork Tenderloin from the special menu chosen for us I talked to @NatajaL more about her company, Nokia & Cortana which we can’t wait for (waiting on update). Until I saw the Boondocks episode with Siri I had no idea (somehow) about Siri or Cortanas potential. As the house salads hit the table I spent more time taking pictures since my appetite was somewhere on the CTA waiting to come back lol.




The Drawing Room is sublevel restaurants with a slight speak easy vibe to it which made for a cozy atmosphere to talk to everyone. Our new friend @ColinAC blew our minds back into the 80’s with his knowledge of video & using various go pro rigs. I haven’t geeked out like that on the low in a hot minute which made me feel better actually as learning new things is always a pleasure when networking. As the conversations shifted @Oamsler and I talked about bars, lyrics, punch lines and new hip hop right before the food hit the table. That was honestly one of the best hip hop conversations I’ve had in years as these days it’s like I’m speaking Chinese when talking about lyrics & bars. As the Hanger Steak was a bit too chewy for me I offered it to the rest of the squad to have seconds but I did enjoy some of Mother Diablos pork which had more flavor to its profile. After a few bites of the pork I text my appetite from my Lumia 1020 and told it to get to the Drawing Room before desert because it looked good.





Well my appetite went the wrong way on the red line so the brownie, cremebrulee and mix fruit desserts hit the table which I also had to pass up. Sigh, though slacking on food intake I was deliciosuly full on great conversation thus far. As the two black SUV’S pulled up making us feel like a VIP/Politicians we all squeezed in to head over to Park West for the show.

As we arrived we saw @KBrigel decked out in sparkling attire with her big welcoming smile greeting us to Park West for The Manufactured DJS.


I wanted to grab a group photo as we didnt know how people would disperse later after the concert as we knew it was some late & some early flights out of Ohare. As we all got it together we had someones friend(?) take our group photo outside of Park West.


As we entered checked in and recieved our wrist bands for the all you can drink bar we walked into a semi full venue. We didn’t know if the show was VIP, private or open to the public but the attendance was not as expected to have Microsoft behind it honestly.


The Manufacuted DJ Set was presented through VNTANA as a hologram which was very 2-D no matter how we tried to shoot it whether Lumia or DSLR. The actual performance by the group wasn’t amazingly engaging at all but the 3-D future hologram aspect of it is what made it interesting all together which waned quick so to the bar we went and to make the best of testing in low red & purple light with the LUMIA(s).





As I made an uber effort to speak with everyone I hadn’t thus far @MattManiego had an amazing story to share from professional engineer to passionate photographer in San Francisco for top clients after pursuing his PASSION. It was the icing on the cake as a fellow photographer for sure! As we talked with @TheFashionPoet briefly (why you so quiet girl?) we rounded out the list of the squad and just enjoyed the event for what it was.


Thank You


Microsoft/Nokia we thank you kindly for not only entrusting us with your products to inspire the city of Chicago through creative expression but also for inviting us to participate in the #ElectroLumia experience with VNTANA & The Manufactured DJS. Also shout out to the Lumia SQUAD you guys are all taste makers, inspirations and motivators in your city so to meet you here in OUR CITY was a treat for sure. Also keep in mind when you return hit us up there is still so much indie underground things to explorer here that’s you missed first round. SPECIAL thanks to @leahjeannette, @NatajaL (thanks for asking all of our questions) & @KBrigel! You ladies are the best. Though The Manufactured DjS put on the show you ladies are the REAL MVP’S.

This event opened up a wormhole of possibilities we are beyond words grateful for it.

Passion is Everything
Chicago Hustles

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