MoBo The Great Freestyles for Jay Z Again

Above we see a 19 year old rising Chicago Female Emcee rapping for none other than JAY-Z at the Magna Carta World Tour in Chicago LAST NIGHT not once but for the SECOND TIME. The video below shows her doing the same at 16 at one of his past shows.

They say lightening doesn’t strike twice but for this young female emcee it has with the whole city of Chicago watching. What’s next Mobo decided to answer a few questions with Chicago Hustles Music

Good Morning. I’m sure you are still on a high from freestyling in front of a sold out crowd let alone the current God of Rap Jay- Z.

Chicago Hustles: How did the process happen for you being pulled on stage again three years later?

Um, it was honestly faith. I had front row and had a sign that said, “I rapped on stage with you when I was 16. Now i’m 19 and ready.” He read it and said, “lets keep this shit going” and it was a wrap from there.

Chicago Hustles: As a female emcee from Chicago how do you feel you have matured since the last time S.Carter pulled you on stage?

Wow. I’ve definitely matured as not only an artist but as a woman and person. The first time at BP3 was a life changer for me because it showed me I can honestly do ANYTHING. There’s no one who I know that believes more than me just for that sole purpose. It was always my plan to go for the repeat just to prove, again, it’s not that far fetched so in between the time I had, I just worked. I wrote. I recorded. I became comfortable because I knew that from that first moment, I was something different and all I had to do was manifest with the law of attraction, have belief in god and also myself before anything because THAT’s truly how ANY of this got done. By BELIEVING and doing the impossible.

Chicago Hustles: We saw tons of IG pictures from the show last night, where were you sitting and how was your view of the show? Did Hov bring it?

I was front row and it was great. I always have fun with Hov because the energy in the building. I’ll say Bp3 was the best just because it’s one of my favorite albums. Watch the throne tour comes next.

Chicago Hustles: Did you feel as nervous as the first time having the whole city in your  grill piece during your freestyle?

Nah. I didn’t feel nervous at all because this is my job. This is what I do. I waited three years to get another chance. I had three years to watch my old video and learn from it because that was unexpected. Anything I should’ve did the first time, I definitely made sure I did the second time. I wasn’t nervous because Chicago was definitely supportive of the kid and they made it known they want more.

Chicago Hustles: Whats your relationship with Jay-Z like now? One time on stage is rare twice even more so. In this case lightening has struck twice whats your next move here in Chicago?

My relationship with Hov now is just the waiting game. He has my contact information which if you watch the video, you hear him saying he’s going to get it. My next move in Chicago is maybe now a nigga can get booked for shows lmao. I’ll just keep promoting the video I released this New Years followed up with more music. We’re gonna capitalize on this and keep it moving. I have the city on my side right now, I can’t let them down.

Chicago Hustles: Waiting for 3 years to show & prove yet again takes time patience and dedication. How does MoBo The Great define hustle?

My definition of #Hustle is getting it. Period. Not stopping. Not settling. Being consistent. Chasing after what you want. I LOVE Chicago Hustles Magazine because you all took a chance with me. Prior to any of this, YOU fucked with me when no one else did and that itself means more than the world to me.

The line that stood out to Chicago Hustles was:

 “Whether it’s school, the music, the hustle or the drive thru, whatever you might do only stands behind you.”

Thats the realness…

Until Mobo The Great hits your ears with more music show your support, remember “Fuck The Public” & follow her on soundcloud.

“In the video, you can hear me joking around, laughing and Hov telling me he’s gonna get my number.. which he did :)”-Mobo

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