New MILC (Formerly Milk Supply Co.) Line

The Chicago street wear company New MILC (Formerly Milk Supply Co.) Line is excited to announce the launch of its second collection: Dreams & Icons. MILC bridges influences of psychedelics, street art, and Chicago pride to deliver unique designs and apparel. As with the first collection, all the designs in the second line are hand-drawn and did not touch a computer until they needed to be scanned for printing.


daydreamer 5pan


The designs in the collection touch upon themes of chasing dreams and choosing a path. Lifestyle philosophies, love, death, god and money are condensed into clean forms and icons: Love over Money, Death Above Surrender.

Along with four new shirts, the collection includes four limited edition screen-printed posters made up of hand-drawn images and a one-of-a-kind 5-panel hat, hand decorated with a fabric pen. The hat bridges the gap between street wear article and work of art, hence the hefty price tag.



The launch of Dreams & Icons marks a yearlong anniversary since 21 year-old Chicago designer Danny Sobor began working on his passion project. As Sobor’s style has developed, the brand has expanded significantly on social media and has made it’s way into it’s first brick-and-mortar store: Mint Clothing on 1058 West Taylor Street.

love of nature

love of home

The name change from Milk Supply Co. (it is a clothing, not dairy supply company), to MILC (Make it Limitless Collective) signifies the brand taking itself more seriously, setting its eyes on the future, and beginning to collaborate with new artists. Expect exciting work in the coming years. Check out feature on them here: LINK

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