Occupy Chicago The Beginning

Occupy Chicago

Chicago Hustles documented the earlier stages of Occupy Chicago back in October 2011 which quickly grew to what we have now witnessed. As we landed downtown where the protest was taking place we were greet with glares by other photographers and students with bullhorns. As they shouted on the bullhorns for equality and justice the fellow wall street frequenters walked by almost undisturbed. After walking shooting and voicing our opinions with fellow photographers and protesters we headed home. Due to a busy schedule it was impossible for us to march every day but our hearts were with the city. As it caught on via social media the first protest branched out from 60 people to thousands. We are proud of the city for letting its voice be heard far outside of the slight trendy cry for attention. Chicago thanks you for standing up for your city let alone for the world!

Occupy Chicago was an ongoing collaboration that has included peaceful protests and demonstrations against economic inequality, corporate greed and the influence of corporations and lobbyists on government which has been taking place in Chicago since September 24, 2011.┬áSeeking to create a permanent, sheltered base, over 175 protesters were arrested under the orders of Chicago’s mayor Rahm Emanuel on the morning of October 16 after refusing to take down tents and remaining in Grant Park near Chicago’s lakefront after the park’s posted closing hours. Remaining in any unfenced park between 11 P.M. and 4 A.M. or erecting a tent or other structure without a permit is a crime asing stated by Chicago Municipal Code (MCC) and park district ordinances.

One week later, during a second attempt at occupation during the evening of October 22 and morning of October 23rd, Chicago police arrested 130 demonstrators, again for choosing not to leave the park after the posted closing hours. Two of those arrested were nurses and members of National Nurses United who had established a medical tent to provide any needed medical services to the occupation.

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