October twenty sixth: Rally for the Fourth Modification!


On the 12th anniversary of the signing of the PATRIOT act, RT4 Chicago will host their second rally against the Surveillance State. Join us at Federal Plaza at the heart of the Loop. Join us at 12:30 PM, where we will gather in support of our fourth amendment rights.

After our protest at Federal Plaza, we will take our message to the city by marching along the streets of Chicago.

October 26th, 2001 was a dark day in the history of governmental abuse of power. The USA PATRIOT act contains much of the legislation, such as the infamous Section 215, most often used by the United States Government as legal justification for the routine blanket surveillance of US persons’ communications, including phone metadata, locational information, and web searches. One of RT4’s primary demands is the repeal of Part 215 is repealed to stop the NSA’s ongoing metadata assortment of our telephone calls and net searches. We look ahead to you becoming a member of us!

If you forgot your Fourth Modification:

“The best of the individuals to be stable of their individuals, properties, papers, and results, towards unreasonable searches and seizures, shall now not be violated, and no warrants shall difficulty, however upon possible lead to, supported by way of oath or affirmation, and specifically describing the location to be searched, and the individuals or issues to be seized.”

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