Official Chicago Circle App Ambassadors


“Circle a free app is the most popular local network. Circle shows you local news and events from helpful positive people that are near you right now.”


As Official Chicago Circle App Ambassadors we are able to upvote the most interesting content for Chicago – what that means is we have the power to pick what will be seen by thousands of people each day! As @CircleApp ambassadors Chicago Hustles plans to use this ability/position to put the creative entrepreneurs within our network in front of the 12,000 Chicagoans using the app to build social networking relationships.

EX: So you’re an emerging artist, fashion brand, musician or indie business? Lets tell all 12,000 Chicagoans about you in a (polished) creative manner to get your name out there. There will be other ambassadors but none with a love for the cultured creative entrepreneurs of Chicago like us. We are too happy to be Official Chicago Circle App Ambassadors! Grow with us.



-Chicago Hustles

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