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Good Day fellow creatives entrepreneurs!

We have some amazing news to share with you! Your favorite indie blog/magazine has been made Official Chicago Lumia Ambassadors by Microsoft! This is a big deal for us as we have always wanted to have a large corporate entity understand what it’s like to nurture creativity while allowing an indie entity to showcase how the latest technology can still be used through creative eyes to produce amazing results. Like Chicago we feel Lumia has the same beauty, potential & amazing abilities allowing it to be NUMBER ONE at all times.

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The Story

In 2012 sometime I Duane (Durte Genius) owner & creator of Chicago Hustles Magazine came across a you-tube clip looking for the best smart phone in the market. I stumbled across a promotional festive live video shot in India I believe with the Lumia 1020 that was mind BLOWING even after three watches I sat there perplexed that such a device could capture such stunning images/video photography with 41 megapixels the size of my phone.

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I knew then it was a must to own one let alone that Microsoft would change the future of smart phones.

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As Chicago Hustles gained a bit of popularity over the years it stayed in my mind like the thoughts of a first kiss or a good piece of pie always wondering where are you. Then out of nowhere two years later almost to the letter on our pinterest we get a line dropped to us by Microsoft letting us know who to contact based off our pins that graced the front of Chicago Hustles Magazine for a “connects trial“. After making the contact, enrolling in the connects trial program which is hard to get into mind you and a long long antsy Christmas like wait a Nokia Lumia 1020 lands on our door step from the United Kingdom (what?!).

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Why the Lumia 1020 obsession you ask? Well, we dislike some of the bigger brands products due to the restrictions on the OS system we often need easier access to for our music etc. We decided to go Android on that reason alone since it was the underdog at the time and we like easy options. We tend to have an underdog anti-trend mindset if you haven’t noticed by now so since we rarely saw anyone in the USA on Instagram shooting with the amazing Lumia 1020 let alone Microsoft in Chicago we wanted to be one of the first! So we took the task with Microsoft’s help to make Lumia our device(s) of choice given its proven power has become largely known in Europe but not in the USA.

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In our two weeks trial we shot over 2400 photos around the city of Chicago such as the Chicago Beer Cruise, Jerry’s Andersonville, Chicago Water Taxi, Frankie Knuckles City Tribute, A wedding Anniversary, Downtown Chicago, Charles Tillman of the Chicago Bears Charity Bowl, Midsommerfest, A sunrise on Foster Beach, A Kings of Rosemont Experience, The Riv Reunion 2, A Selfless Rooftop Party, Social gatherings and ALOT of street shooting! We shot & spoke so much about the Nokia Lumia 1020 alone we are STILL catching up on the galleries but you can view some of our favorite shots on our Instagrams here & here.

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The reason we are sharing the story is largely because we like to present the new or under rated while pushing it to the creative limits. When we were at the Charles Tillman Charity less than two weeks ago I was talking to Tim Jennings of the Chicago Bears about the power of the Lumia 1020 when he asked what phone I was using due to its bright yellow case. We believe in Lumia enough to promote as photographers always on the go even though we shoot with professional Nikon & Canon DSLRS as well. When you see the power of the Lumia 1020 you will too. (Google Lumia 1020 Flickr & thank me later)

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The moral of this story is that as a creative entrepreneur its best to keep your eye on the prize or the goal of your heart’s desire. Life is so beautiful around us so we are thankful that we have now become attached to a company that will allow us to bring more of the beauty we see to YOU through our website & social media. Just to be clear we still use our dslr’s often but some nights it’s great to be able to enjoy the breeze of a rooftop or dance the night away WITHOUT bulky camera bags, worry of late night commutes on the CTA with expensive equipment and back pains. The Lumia series is doing us so great we are literally still in awe with a loss for words.

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We sincerely thank Microsoft for believing in Chicago Hustles Magazines creative aim.

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Passion is Everything.
Chicago Hustles

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