Phoenix Rising Chicago: Gynaeceum


Phoenix Rising Chicago: Gynaeceum at the Double Door was just plain spectacular. We are big fans of the Double Door Chicago but almost felt the performances where so rich with talent & passion that it was beyond worthy of the double door. We walked into the venue & could feel the energy in the air as we walked past a few of the local vendors set up conversing with the artist & performers. When we attend events we try to enter clear headed with open senses to not take away from the moments to be had ahead of us. This is why we often talk about energy, passion etc in our post. Upon entry we walk into an energetic set by SamaSama Project a local Filipino Folk Fusion band was working the crowd with a large smile you had to be there to enjoy. The lead vocalist Lou commanded responses from the crowd who gave back the energy she was giving during their performance.  It’s weird at shows how people are afraid to go up close to the stage the artist don’t bite, I mean not all lol. Phoenix Rising put on a very visual dance piece which was highly poetic by the way it was executed. We forgot how much we enjoy watching dance and have made a mental note to explore more performances as such.  Diva LaVida hits the stage with a straight face and starts by smearing lipstick on her face everywhere before telling her story (nice intro!) through an intense performance. With a serious gaze into the crowd she slowly removes her gloves, then her outfit all to the build up of the music which seemed so dramatic but match the delivery of the burlesque piece which ended with poetic topless rage, we interpreted this in so many ways still letting it simmer but it was highly creative! We took a second to gaze over at the event coordinator & dancer Ali Hodson who stood hands clasped as a proud mom watching her children at a school play. The femcee announcing the performers kept it sharp & witty on stage with laughter being heard through the crowd. Lets give a hand to the crowd who was VERY supporting and appreciative of the performers. This was an all female showcase and it was tons of gents in attendance respecting these ladies & there performances. That is love.  Then songstress Anais Lauren came on stage which got the heads nodding as she sung smooth lyrics over very nice beats for the crowd. After her performance we chopped it up forever it seemed & she’s just a very down to earth cool ass person. I am glad we were able to speak with her and we appreciate her encouraging words after hearing what #Chicago Hustles was about. This was a very nice follow up to the performance put on by Diva LaVida.  Afterwards was a performance by Katrina Clark which was damn awesome as well, very artistically done & the end execution with the embracing of the stool which added to the showcase was great. This was followed by a quirky comedy performance by Caitlin Bergh, and then afterwards Florence Nightinjail who put on some good melodies for the crowd to enjoy.  The performances where all so unique including the showcase by Elmo Painter & Melissa Nipper which told a story using ropes and waste pulls to a climax of a sympathetic catch/lean. Off to the side grabbing a beverage we run into Ruby Yo who was the anchor of the evening, how did we miss that? Ruby is pretty funny on FB and is mad cool in person & taller than expected. How this event was coordinated was like a fine arts visual mix tape, again shouts to all those involved it was done so well and all for a GREAT CAUSE. We are glad we were asked to be apart of the event. To all performers your courage to express your passion has inspired us.

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