Pornography in the Chicago Public Library

Pornography in the Chicago Public Library

This past Saturday we decided to go around the corner to our local Chicago Public Library since our internet is being changed over to get some much needed work completed. I personally haven’t been in a Chicago Public Library since Feb 2006 so my main concern was the length of time one can use a computer for the amount of work at hand. As we prepare to enter we see the large free Wi-Fi sign which relieved the stress of waiting for an open computer. We post up at an empty table then Mother Diablo decides to go browse for some books & potential DVDS. I’m sitting there implementing SEO (search engine optimization) into the latest articles for some of the features when I’m thrown off by a slight glance over my shoulder. I stared in awe for a second as I figured in a place such as the Chicago Public Library surely such things would be prohibited, blocked or fire-walled. In this case it was not. In large letters from screen to screen I see over lapping a pretty raunchy a**l s*x scene taking place smack in the middle of the library. So I pick up the phone to text Mother Diablo (now laughing slightly) thinking he’s just trying to be sneaky “you gotta come see this”. The culprit a white male about 50 dressed in Chicago Bears apparel with a look of crazy/batshit in his eye was just sitting there with no respect or decency watching porn. I saw one of the workers get up to put back a book on the shelf look directly at his screen with no facial expression then kept it moving. Wait, is this acceptable I thought? I mean back in my teens I use to visit the library on the weekends and it was filled with kids or young parents. Now totally distracted but involved in this person actions, motives and browsing I’m thinking wtf is wrong with people. The guy fast forwards through the clip gets up then goes outside for a cigarette. I’m thinking that must have been real good (sarcasm). The guy comes back in but sits on a computer directly across from an employee who acts like he doesn’t still see the guy watching raunchy porn. At this point I went back to work but then started to feel guilty as it was now children in the library running around freely. How is it that with multiple kids under 9 years of age in the library not one single Chicago Public Library employee stopped to address the culprit? I am still rather disturbed by this because his lack of decency could have ruined some child’s innocence. So if you are taking your child, niece, cousin or young family member to the Chicago Public Library in Edgewater be aware what they can encounter let alone yourself. Something’s should be handled behind closed doors (especially porn). I mean who goes to the Chicago Public Library to literally watch porn anyway?


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