Prince Ea: Why I Think This World Should End

Prince Ea  Why I Think This World Should End

Here we have Prince Ea an amazingly talented Emcee/Musician we met and worked with in St Louis right before we started Chicago Hustles Magazine. He has always had a nack for making you think with his lyrics rhymes and delivery while introducing new ways to see the world as a creative. This video is probably our most favorite. Its amazing to know in this day and age this type of simple delivery has more power & potential than the radio, your most influential rapper and the likes. A simple video with no flash or frills set in front of a demolished building helps deliver the message while also reflecting the condition our world is in, MORAL DECAY. There is no right or wrong to creativity but this video hits home. We also encourage you STRONGLY to read through the comments which goes to show our true belief that it only takes a few people through conscious choice to change the world one action at a time. Look at this fan base, the shares, the following which could EASILY be used to push a new mixtape, product or xyz. Instead he is using this audience/social power to enlighten the masses about LOVE. This is the power of culture.

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Passion is Everything,
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