Project: SubZero

Project: SubZero

 Reaching out into the music industry and developing a new act.

Chicago, February 24, 2014: Knock That Fire Musik is excited to announced their new venture in which they are calling, “Project: SubZero”.


KTF Musik is currently on a two week search which will lead to 3-5 ladies forming an all-female, soul/pop influenced singing group. Applicants must be 21+, with the ability to sing and dance. KTF Musik is looking for extremely dedicated, talented and hard-working individuals to fill the spots for this opportunity.

“This is not just another “girl group” that we are looking to form. We are searching for those who have the talent, who is willing and available to put in exceptional quality work. Individuals who understands “team” and who are passionate about their artistry..” says Bradley Banks, Creative Director and vocal producer of KTF Musik.

Auditions will be held at KTF Musik’s home base studio:
February 27th & 28th 
35th St Studios
1658 W. 35th St, Chicago, IL 60609

KTF Musik is a music production team staffed with, songwriters, producers an engineer and more. The team has been together since 2008, with the common denominator being Columbia College Chicago. KTF Musik has worked with local artists such as Mz. Notra, Magix King, Nevae’h, Justin Ruff and more.

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