Radkey At Scubas Tavern

Its been obvious every since discovering Radkey, the three brothers from St Joseph of all places Missouri last year via Afro Punk (a past client of ours in 06′ who introduced us to Kimya Dawsons “loose lips” long before being the outro of JUNO) we were hooked after seeing the energy in person at RIOT FEST 2013. The song which drew us in was “RADKEY – Out Here In My Head” which we played about 30 times in a row it just was a fit for us at the time. Often in the youtube reviews compared to the Misfits and pop/metal vs punk (who cares) these gents came to Schubas & Invited us along for the performance as they opened up for Blood Red Shoes.


As we walked in on time for once after missing the RIOT FEST SET IN FULL we saw the brothers shockingly posing for pictures on the humble. It seems safe to say that Isiah is the one with the most personality upon meeting, Dee has the strongest voice way ahead of his age on stage and Solomon is quiet but shatters ears through the drums while playing. We are fans sometimes too well pretty much of all creativity so I asked for a photo they said “OH CHICAGO HUSTLES” after that it was allllll love. Darcy was looking at me like I was cheesing hard and I’m sure I was but fuck it was RADKEY gather more of an idea here (http://goo.gl/hio5OX) when we interviewed them after RIOT FEST 2013.


The crowd was amazingly very diverse which is always our cub of tea. We saw people from late 18- late 40’s seriously a good way to cross barriers on so many levels. Who ever booked the venue, well played and noted haha as we respect the HUSTLE. As the band opened with our favorite song “Out Here In My head” the crowd was slow moving yet one pit of gents to the right of the stage (what you’d normally think was a mosh pit of ‘bros’) where rocking out word for word. To all you snobby scenesters never judge who you think is or isn’t down for an artist because it OFTEN means the world to them.


As Radkey went through their popular songs from the Cat & Mouse Lp & Devil Fruit E.P. with a few unreleased tracks it was a short yet powerful 45 minutes. As Dee controlled the crowd verbally, Solomon kept them moving mentally; physically Isaiah was out crowd surfing with his guitar in hand which also reached the stage safely due to cautious Chicagoan hands.




When you come to Chicago we take of you!


As I mistook a fellow in the crowd to be their father who sent us an autographed vinyl (which we refuse to play, nuff said there) we not only made a new friend but felt finally completed we attended, witnessed and felt the vibe of a TRUE RADKEY performance we read so much on line about around the WORLD, literally. I am trying so hard to recall one negative reply to their energy or performance that wasn’t a youtube comparison remark which even then was like they are good but not this or that. These guys are 21, 20 and 18 I think; imagine how great they will be in a few years? After their set it looks like they moved out all of their own sound as well, talk about hard working right?


We remember seeing them at RIOT FEST 2013 for all of 10 minutes. True story, I ran up to hear & I quote ” For some brothers these guys they rocked really hard”! Speakers, friend “fuck dude we need to buy a shirt or something”, I walked up playing clueless to say who, “Radkey!” in unison they said. Then they said dude they are all related! I already knowing this thought…aren’t we all through music?


Watching them rise to fame is amazing, listening to them is always a pleasure. Google “RADKEY” or read our interview under musuic to get to know them a bit. Special thanks to Dee, Isiah and Solomon for not only inspiring the world but also being energetic yet humble dudes in person. These guys are Rad Keys to the future indeed check out their website here…http://radkey.net