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The Range: Nonfiction has today released the first official video from his standout new record, Nonfiction, out now on Donky Pitch. The visual for “Telescope” takes much influence from the title of the track, taking a literal yet compelling approach to translating the song to video, sonically expanding on the artist’s unique, polished electronic compositions that nod to jungle, footwork, grime, R&B and hip-hop.

A breakout at this year’s CMJ in New York, The Range is the solo project of Providence-based James Hinton, a young artist with a diverse sound and influence. Making music since the age of 13, Hinton broke into electronic music full time under the alias Stegosaurus while studying Physics at Brown University, producing two albums in 2009 and 2010, Quill and Cower, respectively. By mid-2010, he had begun making music as The Range, drawing from more percussive footwork sound, creating 2011’s full length record, The Big Dip, on Astro Nautico (co-run by Obey City and Kuhn.) Two EPs followed on Donky Pitch, Seneca and disk, leading up to the October 14th, 2013 release of Nonfiction, an album deemed Best New Music on Pitchfork, who write, “a singular slice of sampladelia that’s as hard to place as it is hypnotic . . . it calls to mind the easy, floral melodies of Pause-era Four Tet or the liminal electronic spaces of early Caribou.”

Nonfiction further defines his uniquely crafted musical outlook, a sound that takes in ethereal classical instruments, tough intricate percussion and thick bass, packing them with melody and emotion. Resident Advisor noted him as one of Donky Pitch’s “most diverse artists” while Billboard included The Range in their 10 Bands to Watch at CMJ, loving how he “weaves modern classic R&B touchstones (Usher, Aaliyah, Ciara) and obscure YouTube vocal loops into his shimmering and unpredictable soundscapes . . . Nonfiction spirals from atmospheric to dance-floor and back again.” In a Pitchfork Rising characteristic, the website online applauds how he “grips neatly-worn supply subject material – dust and hip-hop vocals, twinkling pianos, hurried breakbeats – in atypical and engaging methods. Lush and downtempo, his song nonetheless speeds up inside and outside of melodic ideas.”

The Vary has based his ascent as a ahead-considering digital artist together with his sound firmly rooted previously on Nonfiction, coming to the forefront of the style.

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