Red Bull Chicago Canvas Cooler Exhibition Review

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Red Bull Chicago Canvas Cooler Exhibition was one of the best events this year coming right around the time of Hebru Brantley’s party which was easily one of the best events in 2013. Our connects over at Red Bull told us about the event though we were already planning to attend to support the only two artist we had officially met Sentrock & Jc Rivera. Except for the location the event was an amazing & extensive reunion/catch up/laugh fest. Shout out to the homie Sentrock on the Peoples Choice Award & Tubs. He hustled his ass off before during & after the event.

JC Rivera • The Grocer • Zach Meyer • Sam Kirk • Nathan West • Tara Zanzig • Upendo Taylor •Alan Zhang • Miguel Del Real • Max Sansing • Artpentry • ANTCK • Emmy Star Brown • Randi Drozd • Joseph SENTROCK Perez • John Bambino • Tim “Tubs” Alamillo • Josh Harker • Keelan McMorrow • Nate Otto all submitted some amazing works as well.



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