Red Bull Chicago Presents: Flying Bach

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Our intro to Red Bull Chicago Presents: Flying Bach was via the Flying Steps some years ago possibly 1999 when we saw this power move clip of Benny’s combos which where at the time very hard to pull off in the united states outside of California. Flying who? Yes we were hooked as the bboy culture at the time which was severely blooming in the Midwest and to see someone from Europe with the same passion though not present was like a cultural collide for us. Benny From the Flying Steps was the first member of their crew I had ever heard of but his combos where effortless and smooth at that time which made many take notice. Prime example from 1999/2000:

With that being said it was an honor to see how far they have come in dance choreography and performance let alone be invited to join.


We arrived at the Civic Opera House a few minutes shy of the 2 pm show to pick up our tickets. The energy entering was frantic like a rowdy heard of cattle. As we got our tickets and fell in line with everyone else we noticed the line was moving quick for check in which is rarer than normal. Thus far pretty sweet. The venue had cut outs of each dancer on the mirrors for people to take photos with which was well underway. They even had a mock prop set up for photo booths in the front with surrounding bars to take care of the attendees.


We noticed all races, social profiles and many families all out for Flying Bach. We ran in frantically to the bathroom then darted by the bar for a beverage then to find our seats at N 17 & N 19 sweet view. The show was a few minutes late starting but that’s to be expect at a venue of this proportion. As we got comfy in our seats with our drinks I thought let me get a shot of the venue from the front so as I took a photo with the Lumia 1020 we recently received on the way back to our seat (as always) questions asking what type of device is that, explanation given back to my seat lol. The Lumia 1020 yellow color was brilliant now I think about it always commanding attention silently yet loudly.

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The show started with Christoph Hagel alerting the crowd there would be no photos taken and that if you did he might as well own your phone. Well there you have it I said there’s no way as we left the DSLRS at home.

The show began with a solo from Anna Holmstrom dancing in silence to the music of Bach ever so elegantly and from the lobby the dancers came in jumping on stage to start rocking to the music with the Anna.


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Flying Bach is a different experience even if you don’t fully understand it you can kind of interpret the show in your own way even with out photos. As a dancer of 12 years in the bboy community before Chicago Hustles I kept wondering why did they stop there or here or not do this or that combo longer to hit said beat. Then I looked at the pamphlet which went through the course of the show educating the reader on exactly why & how the dance moves moved to each note which was impressive. Wow very technical so all critique stopped at that point. We didn’t see many people reading the pamphlet but as the dancers whoooed the crowd we sat back and watched the musical experience.

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All in all the show was a great visual performance but we personally felt that 70 minutes isnt enough time to really process a story or that there should me more of an intro. This does not take away from Johanna Sebastian Bach’s brilliance musically, or the Flying Steps Dancers visually or from the Civil Opera House atmospherically. In our visual opinion it was a great show but our first Opera experience so its a bit hard for us to describe the event with out our normal style of visual documentation to recall what we felt exactly in that “moment”. The Flying Bach show however is pioneering & inspiring the world to appreciate bboy culture & street dance for its long untapped yet VAST possibilities. Unlike many choreographed dance shows Bach mixes music & the dance form together in a unique way as bboying/breakdancing was meant to be initially.

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That’s the power of Hip Hop Culture it is still 20 + years later changing & penetrating the world one element at a time.

Respect to the Flying Steps Crew.

Passion Is Everything, never let your flame die out.

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