Redbull Bull: Daily Grind



World’s High Skate boarders to Movie Day-to-day Grind Sequence in Coronary heart of the Metropolis


CHICAGO, IL – On any given day, the Chicago Loop is filled with thousands of people going about their daily lives.   This November Red Bull will turn not just heads but the city’s bustling business district in to a larger-than-life skate park in what was a traditional corporate office space.

Nearly a dozen of the world’s top skateboarding professionals, including Ryan Sheckler, Felipe Gustavo, Alex Midler, Gard Hvaara, and more, will all join forces in Chicago to test out the park.  The new space will give skateboard fans the chance to see some of their favorite’s kickflip, fakie, bluntside, and nosegrind on unique skate features such as conference tables, copiers and even a traditional “Water cooler.”  Skaters from across the Midwest will join in on the fun, as regional crews from St. Louis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Louisville will get the chance to show old-school tricks and fresh new stunts as part of the Red Bull Daily Grind.

All filmed to help showcase this beautiful city, Red Bull Daily Grind will captivate not just  Chicago, but people all around the world. Directed by Erik Bragg, who is responsible for the “Sheckler Sessions,” the Daily Grind will give viewers a fresh new perspective on skateboarding and the traditional office environment.

Daily Grind will be made available throughout the month of December for die-hards and casual viewers.  Keep an eye on for the video launch.

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