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Red Bull Fake Shore Drive – Freddie Gibbs

The Red Bull Fake Shore Drive event¬†with Freddie Gibbs, Sasha Go Hard, Show You Suck and a few others was a fresh show last Thursday. We arrived to a packed venue (thank you to our connect for looking out for us) and was glad we did not miss who we came to see. The crowd was rocking in different sections at different times due to the artist they came to see perform. We made our way to the front left just as Show You Suck & A9’er got ready to perform. Every time we see these guys perform together we are always constantly amazed at the delivery of lyrics, high energy and responsiveness from ANY crowd. Going to a Show You Suck show is like being at a punk show with hip hop lyrics (tell us what is better than that?). The amount of crowd surf jumps that ended successful were pretty impressive as its not always often they will catch and support you back to the stage. The camera man who kept jumping we can’t wait to see his live footage (surfing with a cam no no no!). You can tell from the video the energy present during each artist set we will let the video speak for itself as we do not believe so much in favoritism. Creativity is just that, open, free and expressive.

After Show You Sucks high octane performance we had Sasha Go Hard who came out to a luke warm response from our observation only a few people in the crowd knew her lyrics “it seems”. No disrespect to the artist it just seemed the energy level went WAY down after Show You Suck performed. The young girls in front of us were kinda rowdy though as they made there way through to get a solid place during her set in front of us. Oh the days of flasking in the front row, as you get older you do it before hand right or in the bathroom right lol? Chi town keeps it classy!

There was a long space between Sasha Go Hard and Freddie Gibbs to which the three amigos as we deemed them show up to the front, “x’s” on hands just causing a mini ruckus the whole show for us…these were those dude groupies we are always RANTING about. It’s one thing to be a fan but when young you don’t understand the domino affects to front row fights etc. The night continues but we are kinda creatively deep front row-ish with my nail homies Nympho Nails & Astro Wifey + Jackie (follow them) our girl Smaranda (who helped a ton with this months awesome to do list @bout2blaze) and the dance spectacular Joanie.¬† As we awaited for Freddie Gibbs front row with cameras ish got a little tight and annoying but it was solid. We understand if you pay to get in you want to see the show but all ages shows forget two words “respect” & “excuse me”. Freddie Gibbs who resembles a high Don Cheadelle to us comes in and rocks it so hard but the QUESTION is what is it with every show lately following the same procedure of coming out with blunts, being cool for the shot and passing it into an already aggressive or rowdy crowd? We have seen it with Rza, Method Man and other X artist including Gibbs. Maybe we have attended to many shows and its cool if you’re under 21 but seeing that kind of aggression or what stampeded potential this could cause is always a means of concern for a few people wielding expensive cameras etc. Freddie Gibbs snapped on his set, we can’t front there and put on a solid show for Bottom Lounge. They said Fakeshore Drive will be bringing out other genres of musics by the month… we will wait to see what next month has in store as this showcase is solid but when you are a hip hop/rap only blog how will the other genres play out? We will wait & hope for the best but their first showcase was solid and we respect the energy, promo etc put into that experience. Thanks to all those who showed us love and respect, watch, share and enjoy Chicago Hip Hop & Guest…Freddie Gibbs.

P.S. BUT MARINES ADS in the background of FAKE SHORE…reallllly? Not even meant as a diss but wtf does that have to do with MUSIC?

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