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Red Bull Thre3Style gives highly skilled DJs a global platform to showcase their skills, battle and gain notoriety by rockin’ the dance floor.
Unlike other DJ battles that are based on solely technical aspects, Red Bull Thre3style has a creative and original format that seeks to find the DJ that has best perfected the true art of rockin’ the party. Competing DJs are given 15 minutes and the challenge to play three different genres of music while keeping the crowd rockin’ on the dance floor. A panel of music industry judges will select the winners based on track selection, creativity, mixing skills, stage presence and crowd reaction. Whoever is named best on the decks gets bragging rights, a prize purse, and advances to the next step on the road to the world finals.”

Red Bull Thre3style Chicago Judges: Big Once, Four Color Zack, Pumpin Pete

Contestants: Boi Jeanius, MaddJazz, PHNM, Slugo, Trentino



Our Review:

We do a little turntable dabbling ourselves and if you have seen our rants we are super passionate about music & performance. We felt we called it accurately with who would win which is not a disrespect to the other performers but we know Madd Jazz’s sound as he was one of our favorites in the Ghetto Division collective & Dj Trentino has always been a creative beast with a dif touch (drumming & turntabalism flawlessly). It was cold as hell that night like 5 degrees and we rolled down to Reggies which normally means the show must be worth hopping in the car and losing our great neighborhood parking space lol to commute. However walking into Four Color Zack killin on his set was a set up for an amazing night of showman ship as he set one hell of a bar out the gate.

The first Dj was PHNM rocking a sativa hat which one patron felt the need to constantly explain what his hat meant to us…um thanks guy for the valuable input (slow head turn away). PHNM didn’t seem to put much showman ship into his set as the acts to follow but it was very apparent he was focused on the music which is still a good thing as he went through his set the crowd chimed in a bit but not too much. The crowd was very unresponsive it seemed during his set which isn’t his fault but we were into his set for sure.

Next Up was Madd Jazz from the south side and it was obvious he had a plan which was to get the crowd moving by blending old hits with new hits evenly. On top of the song selection he also had beat juggling mixed into his set which was very fresh. We know how Ghetto Division gets down all too well and he came with the hard electronic sound to get peoples attention ASAP. At times it felt like a throw back rave which from the video the crowd was feeling as we were being from the early late 90’s rave era. Madd Jazz provided a nostalgia flash back with a new sound plus turntabalism skills providng a very solid balance to his set.

In the intro video clip Trentino said he felt confident because he was the only dj with prior Redbull Thre3Style experience. This proved to be the case as he knew exactly how to rock the crowd and the judges for his set, to put it simple he took it there. He caught our attention when he went effortlessly from “Save a Horse” to “All about the Benjamins” to the Lords of the underground “Funky Child” sample to Old Dirty Bastards (R.I.P) Shimmy Shimmy Ya into “I know I can” by means of Nas. Trentino is that kind of DJ that speaks via his movements vs alot of phrases. His stage efficiency appeared a little bit pre reflected & programmed however he made up for it along with his turntablism abilities that are at all times on level. The very fact he gained isn’t a surprise and was once smartly deserved although we best recorded 5 min or so of his set you overlooked a dope convey.

We informed just a few folks it will be Trentino first location & Madd Jazz 2d now not best had been we proper however pleased with each DJ’S for showcasing mega creativity and the power to rock a crowd which most TOP DJ’S lack the power to do. We would like these two and all different ingenious turntablist concerned prosperity and inventive evolution.

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