RedBull BC One Cypher Chicago


RedBull BC One Cypher Chicago 2013 as expected was an excellent event showcasing the talented boys from Chicago & the Midwest. We’d like to thank bboy ManoGod for his assistance in making sure we were taken care of & accommodated for this event. The Metro was packed with family and friends of bboys waiting to see who was going to walk away with the WIN. We had a few engagements so we couldn’t stay until the end, but it was good to run into a lot of our fellow supports & dance friends alike. A lot of times bboying is looked over in Chicago’s massive creative scene, and truth be told a lot of these dancers make a living performing or teaching. We love embracing different cultures in Chicago as each event or function has a different set of creatives all with amazing stories as well. Here is some of the footage we managed to capture while present. Good job to all of the dancers for keeping it positive on the dance floor because someone walked away inspired by watching you showcase your passion. We thank the Metro & Redbull BC ONE Chicago for having us. Congrats to Chicago’s Own bboy P-NUT  from Self Xplanatory Crew for making it to the finals.

One Love, One Beat
Keep Passionate, Go Hustle

-Chicago Hustles

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