Rick Serna: Skills to Spare

Chicago Hustles has a few words with Rick Serna about tattoo art, Chicago ink culture & hustle.
Chicago Hustles:What up Rick thanks for taking time out to speak with us as you have been busy. For those who don’t know what shop do you work at?
I currently work at Native Rituals Tattoo and I also work at Archer Ave Tattoo, formerly Infinite Ink.
Chicago Hustles:How long have you been working at Native Rituals Tattoos/Archer ave Tattoos? And whats the best part of the job(s)?
I have been at Archer ave for a bit over 6 years. I have been at Native for almost a year. Best part of the job is doing something I love and getting paid for it!!.
Chicago Hustles has watched your work get sicker and sicker over the last two years. How did you initially get into tattooing and who where/are you largest influences?
I got into tattooing at about 17 when I got my first ink. I immediately thought that this was it for me, but I didn’t have a clue on how to get started. After a while I got my hands on some tattooing equipment and started tattooing my friends.The rest is history. There are so many influences to list. From tattoo artists, to fine art, to graff art. A short list would be , Jeff Gogue , Robert Hernandez, Tim Biedron, Steve Soto, Daniel Rocha, and I could go on and on.
Chicago Hustles:How has  this influenced your style? If you had a style description how would it be?
Looking at all these artist’s work has a lot of influence on my work. I always see things that I can improve on and change in my tattooing,
I dont think I have a particular style, I have been changing styles for as long as I can remember, but I would say I’m on the borderline of realism. I like to throw hints of it into even the most basic tattoo.
Chicago Hustles:When you come up with a sick piece of work for a client who bails where do all of these masterpieces go?
Aaaw man! I have a good stash of those laying around. I still don’t know what exactly to do with them hahah.
Chicago Hustles:Being a tattoo artist can be rather rowdy and adventurous. We hear some wild stories, what is the funniest tattoo story you’d like to share with Chicago Hustles?
Fire extinguisher in a packed bar at the Motor City tattoo convention a few years ago..There was no fire.  You can use your imagination to fill in the rest ha ha ha..
Chicago Hustles:What are some of the new abilities being introduced into the Ink culture you’d love to try or experiment with?
There is a huge influx of cool stuff in the future of tattooing, from machines to pigments. I stay away from the hype at first until I see it works or has a benefit towards my tattooing, but there is definitely some new machines out there that I want to get my hands on.
All this new technology pushes the bar higher and higher each time, we just try to keep up with it.
Chicago Hustles:Do you ever plan on putting your artwork on garments as you produce some high caliber material? If so when and where can it be found?
Thought about it, yes. but I feel like that is another industry I would have to penetrate to make a mark.
Chicago Hustles:For those whom love ink where can you be reached and on what days?
Walking in the studio is always the best way to get a hold of me.
Archer Ave Tattoo
4440 s Archer
Native Rituals
15120 s Cicero
or I can always be reached via e-mail at: Infiniteinktattoo@yahoo.com
Chicago Hustles:Do you have any inspiring words you’d like to leave with future up and coming tattoo artist?
This Business is not easy. Have an open mind and willingness to change, that alone will push you light-years ahead.
Chicago Hustles:Last but not least how do you as a Chicago tattoo artist define the term HUSTLE?
“Eat Breathe and Sleep Tattoos !!! Rick Serna
Shout outs: My Tattoo families at Archer and at Native!
Chicagohustlesmagazine.com would like to thank Rick Serna for taking time out to speak with us. Support your local talent.
4440 s Archer
Native Rituals
15120 s Cicero

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