Riot Fest: 10 Years, 10 Essential Albums

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10 Years, 10 Essential Albums

To help celebrate Riot Fest’s 10th Anniversary, ten bands have joined in to play their seminal albums either at Riot Fest in Chicago or both in Denver and Chicago. Here are nine of the ten bands:

JANES’S ADDICTION: Nothing Shocking (Chicago)
THE OFFSPRING: Smash (Chicago)
WEEZER: “The Blue Album” (Chicago & Denver)
SLAYER: Reign in Blood (Chicago & Denver)
SAMHAIN: Initium (Chicago)
NOFX: Punk in Drublic (Chicago & Denver)
DESCENDENTS: Milo Goes to College (Chicago)
NAKED RAYGUN: Throb Throb (Chicago)
THE GET UP KIDS: Something to Write Home About (Chicago)

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