We love SELFLESS + KENSINGTON ROOFTOP LAUNCH PARTY events as this being our second Selfless event with access to the VIP portion of the event from 7:30-8:30PM, which granted us access to a an intimate time on the rooftop with the Brown line in the background, uninhibited skyline views, specialty sponsored drinks, sushi, sliders, and more, all before more guests arrived. Selfless attracts an audience of stylish entrepreneurs & businessmen/women alike from around the corners of Chicago to unite and network for amazing causes.


On This lovely day we with a great sunset to boot made our way over to the KENSINGTON for the Selfless Rooftop Party which had just gotten under way after we walked in. As we signed in after meeting Krystian Michalak we watched the brown line creep around a turn in the back ground which we had to capture to us this meant a great placing of the rooftop visually. The clientele of this evenings visitors varied but mostly dressed in work or cocktail attire as if they just left work.

As usual we were not but we had fun anyway holding up the yellow Lumia 1020 to capture photos which started many a conversation as always. The bar was immediately bum-rushed and it was apparent the bartenders faces where very over whelmed with the rush.
We waited for the swarm to die down for a minute as we struck up a few random conversation about our goal, passion and one day being in print. We grabbed two vodka cranberries then took a seat just admiring the new view from the KENSINGTON roof top which is pretty chill. As we enjoyed the brisk breeze on this sunny evening we were asked if we wanted sushi. As we asked the server to pause for a picture we heard in the background some one apparently hungry being very rude, very RUDE.
However this did not take away from the deliciousness of the sushi rolls which escaped her angry grasp. I will never understand why at an event with free food people are so agro especially to the servers who have to deal with so many attitudes etc. Anyway as the sun slowly set over the roof top different stylish individuals adorning smiles arrive to add to the festive energy of the Selfless event. In the midst of three conversation we caught the whiff of the amazing 25 degrees sliders causing all convos to stop as we all reached for one.
After the second drink we met Dr Gordon Fimreite of Chiropractic, Steve Green of and a few other nice entrepreneurial gents without cards for us to recall their brands. The event started to fill up after the VIP session was closing so we decided it was time to commute as we had another social engagement to attend.

As always Selfless throws great events with *good food* bringing out some of the cities best & even hungriest lol. However you can learn a bit more about selfless below as well as checking out their website. We would suggest joining them & their great cause before the summer fades as they have great events lined up for their members & Chicago.

About Selfless:

Selfless started back in 2009 as a blog and event fundraising company. In early 2014 we will introduce our new model, combining multiple industries, to inspire more selfless action:

Join the SELFLESS Community for $ with 80% of that going to a charity that you pick, and not only will you be making a tax deductible donation to am impact of your choice, but also receive access to our “SELFLESS NETWORK” of Perks, Events, and News. More on that soon…

Why 80%? Well, the average non-profit only donates 60%, and a good-to-great non-profit donates 80%+…so, as a for-benefit company (think of TOMS), we feel pretty good about starting at 80+%, and hope you do to.

We practice transparency, so here’s some more info for you: Besides the 4.25% credit card processing fee we eat (making our 20% actually just 15.25%), we then have to pay all our fixed and variable costs (office rent, PR, marketing, staff, etc, etc) to create, maintain, and grow this belief we have… the belief that more people can and will donate and be more SELFLESS – IF – it can be made a lifestyle… a community… with tangible impacts to trusted charities, rewards for donating while also supporting local business, community building events, and much more…


All photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020<----Link

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