SELFLESS Launch Party 2014

Chicago’s SELFLESS Launch Party 2014 was an event that was interesting in concept & cause recommended to attend by our creative friend Lei by Lelani. The event was dropped on our radar the day of so we made provisions to journey down to see what the confirmed 543 people would be in attendance for. We seeing the large attendance number while doing some Facebook browsing where not sure I we would or had RSVP’d in time but luckily we barely made the cut off. Here is a recap of the event if you happened to miss it from a creatives perspective.


Who is Selfless Chicago?

Selfless started back in 2009 as a blog and event fundraising company. In early 2014 we will introduce our new model, combining multiple industries, to inspire more selfless action. Read more HERE.

How does Selfless work?

Scene One:

I rsvp’d for two but this night was a solo mission as I forgot the other half had a hair appointment. I always enjoy having a person to observe with but this evening it was an evening of super adventure. I told her I’d be back by 10 as I had work to do since we are preparing for (Rev Craft Show May 4th) I hoofed it in a hurry up to the 22 bus stop which was late due to the removal of the Swedish Water tower (photo credit Darcy Kyffin) and patiently waited. The sun was semi setting as I boarded enjoying the shadows, lights and mix of energy on the Clark 22 I could feel adventure in the air for the evening.

While therapeutic for a person who works from home often I miss my stops off the 22. Today was such a day, working on the go I look up near Madison when Huron was my exit. In my head I’m thinking drats as I am about 8 blocks away when I’d easily arrived initially right at 7. With the RSVP being 543 people I was hoping for the best as I power walked while shooting the beauty we call CHICAGO on the way. I get to Huron & Clark realizing it was right by one of my favorite places, Gallery Bar Chicago (insert face palm) “I’m so stupid I thought”.

I will never understand why they put the Felix right next to The Godfrey it seems like a weird Gesture but oh well. Upon approaching the door there was no line. To those of us who network often this means one of two things, the event was poorly promote (which it was NOT) or it’s one hell of a line. I’ll take option two sure enough as the sun set behind me and the doors swirl like the galaxy itself there is a line, better yet guess who is under dressed? The line ahead of me about 43 deep (yes I count these things) behind me as the line bent around the service desk about 18 within 4 minutes. The age demographic was about 25-55 in the line everyone appeared as if they just got off of work. I looked to my left and see three super hip front desk gents being courteous and informative so I flag one over. He tells me the line we are in is one of two as it continued upstairs solely because one elevator was having issues. After asking he alerts me the capacity of the area is about 1500 and it has been packed since 7pm (wow). If you have read some of our past stories we are often in line to walk into a room that’s half empty which is infuriating sometimes depending on the weather so I was skeptical lol. A lady walked over and nicely moved me to the head of the line to the elevator to a few grunted moans “Who is this guy?!” from the people in line. In my head I’m thinking no one at all.

Scene Two:



Doors open from the elevator they were not lying there was yet another line though it was largely for coat check. The energy of the venue was festive with the mini tables showcasing fashions from local sponsors. I walk up to the bar, its 7:52 as it was free until 8 pm only which was left out of the details ha-ha got to love Chicago right? I’m being stared at by a woman and her date all dolled up eyeing my 7/8 gauges with a comment on the tip of their tongue I could tell.


The bartender is frantic, asked me what I wanted as he slides 4 drinks to said couple who didn’t tip or even say THANK YOU. This made me salty immediately but I ordered a double red bull Vodka in one class since I was shooting. SIDE RANT: If you are at an open bar tip the bartender somethinggggg if you can’t AT LEAST be nice to them! When he delivered my drink I thanked him for his service and left him a good tip. Chicago Hustles is not ballin nor wearing an expensive suit (ever unless it’s a must) and knew it was appropriate to tip.


The room reminded us of the HINGE launch we went to last month as we saw a lot of the same faces in the crowd. We were hoping to run into Priya of The Simple Good  which we found halfway through the tour of the venue. This was abruptly cut short by a photographer bragging about himself cost wise, his equipment and everything to the point I just sat there trying to get away, literally. I look up, the good associate Priya is gone. I took a few more photos then it was time for the speech from the founders which every photographer ran to the front for so I silently fell to the back more open areas of the room.







I then meet an aspiring model: ittybittyliddy93 on her hustle & working hard. Meeting such a young creative on their hustle is always the best because the young inspire the old and vice versa that’s what so few take the TIME to actually realize. After a good conversation I wondered where the food was but I hadn’t yet ventured to the back room yet.


The first table I saw was Da Lobsta Chicago one guy finishes a corona then continues to help make the sandwiches’ which had a line of about 12 hoverers. They grilled one piece of large buttery Texas style toast and put fresh yet cold lobster in it which made it interesting before cutting it into three. I was hungry so I wasn’t being picky lol. I reached for a full one to be intercepted by a guy holding the upper half giving me that “who’s going to let go look” okay okay two out of three isn’t bad right? Afterwards with all the long lines I went over to 25 Degrees Chicago to be greeted by two lovely ladies with smiles all most too dolled up to be serving sliders.



Do you have a card I asked? Yes, both in unison with smiles, how many would you like one or two? I trying to play it off said one but they looked & smelled delicious (I was STARVING) so I said two on the low but could of or would of eaten at least six. These sliders got their own paragraph for a reason! Yes I was hungry but I’m a food snob from my fine dining days honestly so if it’s GOOD you get the praises a god would envy out of RESPECT FOR THE HARD WORK. I walked over to the front sign up room to have a seat just loving the smell of my soon to be tiny obsessions. I instagrammed one the others are below, now lets taste it, HOLY SH***T! If you’d asked me for the time at the delicious bite interception you’d thought you where looking a starving pit bull in the eyes. Yes it was like that to be honest I am hooked. The first was delicious, (understatement) I wanted to take the other home with me in my pocket to let the misses who loves food try but 25 Degrees Chicago if you are reading this yeah we need to talk!


After my sliders taste buds where on fire it was time to go. I exited the lobby with thanks to everyone I had met or befriended in my little delicious lonely journey. The base clientele AT the event were so non-tipping to the hard working bartenders, waitresses, and flat out rude I missed something. The purpose. Selfless is about more than my little bitty experience, they are trying to do so much MORE to help CHICAGO. Their purpose overshadowed the event largely in hindsight however we give it raw but had a not so bad time. We have reached out to Selfless in hopes of somehow collaborating.


Bravo Selfless! Chicago Hustles commends you on your launches success & hopes we can add onto the further beautification of Chicago with you. Passion is everything!

Thanks to the Sponsors:
Taco Joint, 25 Degrees, Da Lobsta, Pork Chop, Troquet, Spin Spun (cotton candy), fashion from AKIRA, Sebastian Grey, and Goorin Hats, day-passes from DIVVY, juice from Element Wellness, rides from HAILO, wine from ONEHOPE Wine, and food and drinks from The Godfrey!

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