Social Con Clothing: Concious is Cool


Marcus Shadden has long since had a different mindset compared to many. It is of no doubt that his line will change the perspective of minds to come. Introducing Social Con Clothing.


Take Martin Luther King Jr, Jay-z, Tony Hawk, mix in a little Jackson Pollock, add a dash of Albert Einstein, + a bit of Eckhart Tolle and you get.. Social Con! Great minds know this journey called life is a collective gig. Social Con believes life is a shared experience and what you share matters. What you think, how you feel, and how you act affects our shared experience, co-creating our social consciousness. SC was created to link dope ideas, creativity, fashion, music & lifestyle for a Socially Conscious planet. In the sum of an ever evolving Un1verse, you are the factor for change. SC is here to inspire you [to create a dope life].


When asked for Social Con Clothing’s definition of HUSTLE he responded:

“Hustle: An act of making something out of little or nothing. To overcome the underdog position. Working hard at something because you believe in it and your so passionate about it that youll do anything to make it happen.”-Marcus Shadden


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