Sol Cafe in Rogers Park

solcaferogerspark024 Sol Cafe in Rogers Park is a little treat we recently discovered via one of our team members. We were invited out to do some discussing on certain aspects of the magazine and enjoy some networking at the cafe. This very well style lit and designed cafe is located literally steps away from the Howard redline. We use to live in Rogers Park back in the day so we haven’t ‘ gone past Bryn Mawr in quite some time. It’s weird how once you get use to your area you don’t tend to explore outside of certain boundaries. As we took a soothing ride down to the meeting a handful of stops over as the sun set was approaching had to take time out to marvel that summer is ending. Upon arriving to the cafe literally about 100 feet from the Howard redline we see this modern/upscale urban Cafe with its own sense of character. This definitely stands out next to the shoe shops and other spots around it. “Welcome to Sol Cafe” one of the baristas said with a large smile, how welcoming we thought as well. Walking into any room filled with art can always be a visual pleasure our eyes go into macro mode and we start analyzing everything. The spacious venue with modern seating as well as untraditional style tables for chatting with friends or studying laid out the front left side of the venue. The color scheme of the venue is very warm giving you a cozy relieved from a gusty Chicago winter type of day feel. While sitting down going over some things before the event we were helping shoot we liked the venue more by the minute. As 7 pm rolled around and wine was being served people curious around the neighborhood started rolling in with faces of amusement slowly stopping by the donut ball tray and checking out the meat with cheese slices all of which were very tasty. The lighting fixtures made from old cow milk bottles it seemed to add an extra boost of light to the venue as the lights shined right through the bottles.  The venue provides so much for the eyes to take in including the modern yet vintage looking lampshapes covering the other lights in the back of the room over the cozy couch like area. After the bodies started flowing  in the night went by rather fast and it was 9 something before we knew it. The Pinot Gritio provided by Simple Farmer Wines a winery located in Evanston was very delicious as well as well as the welcoming atmosphere of smiles & passion feeding the cafe.

It is also to be noted that Sol Cafe barely 9 months old to Rogers Park is now scheduling showings for private events. You can gather some of the information below as we want to share with you the greatness of the city. solcaferogerspark032 “Installed as a Rogers Park coffee shop, Sol Cafe has been noted and most remembered for its custom-designed decor and unique atmosphere with a nod to the industrial history of Chicago, a clear sense of creativity in art and music and a general sense of home. Achieving great success as a neighborhood-centric social hub by day, Sol Cafe is now available as a venue to host private events including artist exhibitions, business and networking parties ad personal celebrations. Check out what they have to offer here. ( For tours, bookings, etc., contact them at“-Sol solcaferogerspark101 We stay up for constructing a perfect relationship with ingenious entrepreneur  Simone Freeman and the workforce over at Sol Cafe. Listed below are a number of pictures from the night time. -Chicago Hustles

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