Soul Summit 3rd Yr Anniversary

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The Soul Summit 3rd Year Anniversary was one for the books on a few levels. We planned to get there a little later and glad we did not as we arrive at 10;15 the place is it 90% complicity yes 90% at 10:15 pm on a Friday in Wicker Park. As usual the phone is dying so I remembered the outlet by the ATM always has free outlets (fyi) so¬† stood there catching up on ish for about 15 minutes. As we observed the room we saw all types of people getting down and grooving which is what music is really about uniting the masses through rhythm. The Soul Summit crew is doing a lot of things right to unite the masses under one dance floor which is needed in Chicago’s fast declining great nights for music. It was great seeing everyone we saw, Dj Intel, Our Girl B, Our Girl Gloss, and Yoga extraordinaire Staab. Our handiest gripe is we’ve observed after four instances at Soul Summit the blending is non existent. Its all the time a 5-10 2d lifeless air between data, the tune choice is strong however three years in and no person can combine but? It rings a bell in my memory of listening to Kool Herc again in 07′ (given his standing within the hip hop tradition) he nonetheless may now not combine for ish I imply is that this even ideal? Subsequent Soul Summit is Feb sixteenth test it out for your self, and get their early…sweat, snicker, dance REPEAT!


-Keep Passionate, Go Hustle.

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