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Studio Chris – Immortalizing Your Neighborhood

Studio Chris takes time out to chat with Chicago hustles magazine about digital artwork, Chicago neighborhoods and creative hustle.

Tell the readers the story behind StudioChris and how it was started?

There are three things I am passionate about… art, architecture, and Chicago. This is the driving force behind StudioChris and inspiration for my Chicago Neighborhood Poster series. My vision is to create art that deepens connections with Chicago neighborhoods through bold, iconic images representing the uniqueness and history of each.

When we went to your website we are greeted with “Studio Chris creates art that helps people connect more deeply with Chicago neighborhoods. Each design features an iconic landmark that represents the neighborhood’s beauty, uniqueness and history.” How do you feel your prints connect with the Chicago audience?

The number one question I get asked is… “Do you have a poster for my neighborhood?” Chicagoans love their neighborhoods. A natural bond is already there. It explains why people get so excited to see my Chicago neighborhood prints. My art becomes a conduit that deepens their affinity with the neighborhood. Seeing these connections is one of the most rewarding aspects of being an artist.

When we saw your artwork at Andersonville Galleria we were immediately captivated by the neighborhood prints. What is the process like behind finding or picking the landmark to make an icon poster? Is it tough selecting which will be the face of that particular neighborhood?

I choose landmarks that I find personally compelling. My qualifications include that it should have historic significance, local appeal, and staying power. Selecting can be difficult when a neighborhood has many choices. In these cases, I go with the underdog landmark. By this I mean, a less obvious choice. Two examples include using the Manor House to represent Edgewater (versus the Edgewater Beach Hotel), and the Uptown Post Office to represent Uptown (versus the Green Mill).

For educational purposes gives us a history lesson on your favorite Poster* and why this information is so valuable.

My Rogers Park poster features the Mayne Stage Theater. Mayne Stage is a neighborhood landmark that bridges Rogers Park’s present to its past. It originally opened in 1912 as the Morse Theatre, a silent movie nickelodeon. Over the past 100 years, the building has had a number of uses including a vaudeville theatre, synagogue, and cobbler’s mall. As you can see, the building’s history is as diverse as the community that makes up Rogers Park today.

Where can your new fans find your amazing artwork and when is the next print release?

Fans can always find my Chicago neighborhood prints online at, and at boutique stores around Chicago like the Andersonville Galleria, Foursided, Sacred Art, and FoundRe. I will be debuting posters for Old Town and Gold Coast at Chicago Summerfest in Lincoln Park on June 23 & 24.

In your own words what is your definition of the term hustle in regards to Studio Chris?

“Follow your passion and never let the pursuit of perfection hinder progress… explore, discover, and create!”


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