TechWeek Chicago Food Truck Face Off


TechWeek Chicago Food Truck Face Off

At the last minute the day of the TechWeek Chicago Food Truck Face Off Chicago Hustles Magazine was called in to fill the role of a judge for the contest. Though a busy week already we stepped out to make the best of the day which turned out to be all sorts of perfection. It was a sunny day in Chicago very toasty about 82 degrees filled with sweat, over heated phones, great food & a lot of culinary creativity. To say the least here is our recap.




Upon arriving to Merchandise we noticed the TechWeek Chicago Food Truck Face Off was alive and well sheesh. We noticed 5 Chicago Food trucks like The Fat Shallot, Chicago Lunchbox, Jerk 312, Cheesie’s & Eastman Egg. As I waited for the founder of the event to come link with me I noticed the lines where each about 23 people deep on average (yes I counted). Wow TechWeek Chicago was really in full effect & it seemed everyone was HUNGRY! As Jamie the founder of Chicago Food Truck Hub, LLC met me with a slight grin the other judges where real close which helped us all connect quickly. I was finally able to meet @galegand, @Foodiechats(again),@Foodseum & @CHGOFoodScene. The party begun immediately after we all were introduced.



After we found a nice spot in the baking sun mid way of the food trucks it was time to start tasting the the goods. The first contender was Eastman Egg delivering a delicious ham egg breakfast sandwich on a croissant topped with a cucumber in this particular presentation the ginger snap stole the show but we aren’t big on breakfast in particular. Next up the Perfect Grilled Cheese from Cheesies food truck, we felt it was a basic grilled cheese that needed a bit of “uppercut” we don’t know what that means but it was so bland that we almost forgot we tasted it (just being honest). Then comes the treat of the day in our opinion the Fat Shallot. To keep it simple damn delicious. We were treated with the Grilled Cheese which included muenster cheese melted between slices of sourdough with sauteed spinach and caramelized onions with a side of fries tossed in our rosemary salt. Pure heaven for the taste buds the this crowd of one went pretty wild, LITERALLY. The judges all had good feelings over the fat shallot though we where sweating, phones were over heating and there was dslrs heating up. I couldn’t help but think being a FOOD JUDGE is intense, but so am I so this was an average day in the world of Chicago Hustles. The next truck for our taste buds was the Lunch Box, which was more like a brief case OMG. They brought over 7 dishes for the judges to try & taste which crowded the table instantly. We all asked what was what and the lunchbox rattled it off so quick it was like an anime cartoon as we all had exclamations over out heads. The food was so SO good but we had no appropriate descriptions to describe it. The dishes provided for us judges: Fiery Rangoon/Beefy Korean/Banh Mi/Viet Banh Mi/Sloppy /Thai Tacos/Fried Pork/Spring Rolls


So much to process for our taste buds but it was all goodness we don’t even no were to begin. Eventually it all came down to The Fat Shallot & The Lunch Box but then last minute Jerk 312 sent over the last minute goodness. As expected with Jerk Chicken, damn the poles have shifted. As we all went through our list of yes & no with the amazing yet so HUMBLE Gale Gands Chicago Hustles followed her lead & Foodie Chats (after his phone recharged lol) on the number ONE & TWO. We felt it should of been a 1,2,3 but sometimes that’s just not the case. If we had our say & we always DO lol The Fat Shallot, The Lunch Box & Jerk 312 are the winners here by a landslide…

Thank you CHICAGO for making this such a difficult call! The food in this city NEEDS to be commented on, NEEDS to be challenged and even more so NEEDS your SUPPORT! Below is a gallery of goodness, taste it, experience it and enjoy it WITH US!


Check out the gallery below and feel free to share the goodness!

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